Chapter 82.04


82.04.010    General.

82.04.020    Bicycle.

82.04.030    Bicycle route.

82.04.040    Cable to television lines.

82.04.050    City standards.

82.04.060    Lot area.

82.04.066    Lot width.

82.04.070    Subdivision.

82.04.080    Subdivision Map Act.

82.04.010 General.

Terms used in this title that are not specifically defined in this chapter or the Subdivision Map Act shall bear the meaning assigned to them by general usage.

82.04.020 Bicycle.

“Bicycle” shall be considered to include a device upon which any person may ride, propelled by human power through a belt, chain or gears, and having either two or three wheels in a tandem or tricycle arrangement.

82.04.030 Bicycle route.

“Bicycle route” means the generic term for all facilities that explicitly provide for bicycle travel.

82.04.040 Cable to television lines.

“Cable to television lines” means electronic cable, conduit and any other appurtenances thereto which distribute television or other electronic signals.

82.04.050 City standards.

“City standards” refers to those standards and specifications, including standard drawings, as may be adopted by resolution by the City Council from time to time. Three copies of these standards are to be on file in the Office of the City Clerk and one copy in the Office of the City Engineer.

82.04.060 Lot area.

“Lot area” means the square footage within the boundary lines of a lot exclusive of: (a) the area of any street right-of-way or road easement; (b) any flood control easement or walkway which must be fenced; and (c) any portion of the lot which is less than 12 feet wide for a distance of 50 feet or more and which is designated or used to provide vehicular or pedestrian access to the part of such lot which is designed for use as a building site.

82.04.066 Lot width.

“Lot width” means the horizontal distance between the side lot lines, measured at right angles to the depth at a point midway between the front and rear lot lines. (Ord. 1832)

82.04.070 Subdivision.

A. “Subdivision” as defined by Section 66424 of the Act.

B. “Subdivision” does not include:

1. Those things described in Government Code Sections 66412 and 66412.1;

2. Subdivisions of a portion of the operating right-of-way of a railroad corporation defined as such by Section 230 of the Public Utilities Code, which are created by short-term leases terminable by either party on not more than 30 days’ notice in writing; (Gov. Code § 66411)

3. Land conveyed to or from a governmental agency, public entity, or public utility or for land conveyed to a subsidiary of a public utility for conveyance to such public utility for rights-of-way unless a showing is made in individual cases, upon substantial evidence that public policy necessitates a map; (Gov. Code § 66428) or

4. Any conveyance of land to a governmental agency, public entity, public utility or subsidiary of a public utility for conveyance to such public utility for rights-of-way shall not be considered a division of land for purposes of computing the number of parcels. (Gov. Code § 66426.5)

82.04.080 Subdivision Map Act.

“Subdivision Map Act” or “Act” means the Subdivision Map Act as set forth in Division 2 of Title 7 of the Government Code of the State of California commencing with Section 66410 et seq.