Chapter 82.50


82.50.010    Requirements.

82.50.020    Filing of tentative map.

82.50.030    Notice to school board.

82.50.040    Preparation of tentative map.

82.50.050    Contents of tentative map.

82.50.060    Additional information required with tentative map.

82.50.070    Grading plan.

82.50.080    Preliminary title report.

82.50.090    Department of Community Development processing of tentative map.

82.50.100    Report in writing, fee.

82.50.110    Planning Commission’s processing of a proposed tentative map.

82.50.120    Placing proposed tentative map on City Council agenda.

82.50.130    Expiration/extension of tentative map.

82.50.140    Revised tentative map.

82.50.150    Replacement of tentative map.

82.50.010 Requirements.

Every subdivider proposing to create a major subdivision shall comply with the procedures contained in this chapter. Prior to the filing of a tentative map, the subdivider or his authorized agent shall confer with the Director of Community Development Department and the City Engineer regarding the preparation of the map. (Gov. Code § 66452)

82.50.020 Filing of tentative map.

A. The subdivider shall submit to the Secretary of the Planning Commission, in as many copies as required by the City, the proposed tentative map.

B. A proposed tentative map shall not be deemed filed until:

1. All necessary zoning approvals have been secured;

2. An environmental impact report, if required, has been certified for the project covered by the application;

3. The map complies with the requirements of this title;

4. The filing fee has been paid in full.

82.50.030 Notice to school board.

Within 10 days of the filing of a tentative map, the Secretary of the Planning Commission shall send a notice in accordance with Section 66455.7 of the Act.

82.50.040 Preparation of tentative map.

The tentative map need not be based upon an accurate or detailed survey and shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions relating to final maps contained in CMC 82.54.040(A), (B), and (E).

82.50.050 Contents of tentative map.

Each tentative map shall contain the following information:

A. Name and address of the owner whose property is proposed to be subdivided and the name and address of the subdivider.

B. Name and address of registered civil engineer, or licensed surveyor, who prepared the map.

C. North arrow.

D. Scale.

E. Date of preparation.

F. The location, width and proposed names of all streets within the boundaries of the proposed subdivision and approximate grades thereof.

G. Locations and width of alleys.

H. Names, location and width of adjacent streets.

I. Lot lines and approximate dimensions and numerus of each lot.

J. Approximate location and width of watercourses or areas subject to inundation from floods, and location of structures, irrigation and ditches and other permanent features.

K. Approximate contours at two-feet intervals.

L. Approximate location of existing buildings and permanent structures.

M. Location of all major vegetation showing size and type.

N. Legal description of the exterior boundaries of the subdivisions.

O. Width and location of all existing or proposed public or private easements.

P. Classification of lots as to be intended residential, commercial, industrial or otherwise.

Q. Location of railroads and rights-of-way.

R. Approximate radii of curves.

S. Any proposed phasing by units.

T. Number of units to be constructed when a condominium or community apartment project is involved.

82.50.060 Additional information required with tentative map.

Shown either on the proposed tentative map or on accompanying documents shall be the information regarding the following matters:

A. Source of water supply.

B. Type of street improvement and utilities which the subdivider proposes to install.

C. Proposed method of sewage disposal including location of facilities.

D. Proposed stormwater sewer or other means of drainage, including the location of such facilities.

E. Protective covenants to be recorded.

F. Proposed tree plantings.

82.50.070 Grading plan.

There shall be filed with the tentative map a grading plan showing any grading proposed for the creation of building sites within the subdivision or for construction of improvements to serve the subdivision. The grading plan together with the original topographical contours may be shown on the tentative map. This plan shall indicate approximate earthwork volumes of proposed excavation and filling operations. In the event no such grading is proposed, a statement to that effect shall be filed with the tentative map.

82.50.080 Preliminary title report.

There shall be filed with the tentative map a current preliminary title report for the property being subdivided.

82.50.090 Department of Community Development processing of tentative map.

A. The Department of Community Development shall obtain recommendations from the City staff, concerned governmental agencies and other persons affected by or integrated in the proposed subdivision.

B. The Department of Community Development shall prepare a staff report to the Planning Commission containing recommendation regarding the proposed tentative map.

82.50.100 Report in writing, fee.

Any report or recommendation on a tentative map by the staff to the Planning Commission or City Council shall be in writing and a copy thereof served on the subdivider and on each tenant of the subject property, in the case of a proposed conversion of residential real property to a condominium project, community apartment project, or stock cooperative project, at least three days prior to any hearing or action on such map by the advisory agency. A fee in an amount set by resolution, from time to time, by the City Council shall be collected from the subdivider for expenses incurred under this section. (Gov. Code § 66452.3)

82.50.110 Planning Commission’s processing of a proposed tentative map.

A. The Planning Commission shall investigate each proposed tentative map filed pursuant to this chapter. The Commission shall consider the proposed design of the subdivision and the kind, nature and extent of proposed improvements.

B. Within 50 days of the filing of the tentative map with the Secretary of the Planning Commission, the Planning Commission shall file with the City Clerk its findings and its recommendations based on those findings. The Planning Commission will recommend to the City Council the approval, conditional approval or denial of the tentative map. As appropriate, the Planning Commission shall recommend the kind, nature and extent of improvements that should be constructed or installed. (Gov. Code § 66452.1(a))

82.50.120 Placing proposed tentative map on City Council agenda.

A. When a report on a tentative map is filed with the City Clerk, the Clerk is directed, unless otherwise directed by the City Council, to act prior to the next regular meeting of the City Council by setting the matter on the City Council agenda for public hearing at the next possible regular meeting. The City Council shall approve, conditionally approve or disapprove the tentative map within the 50-day period. (Gov. Code § 66452.2)

B. The City Council shall comply with the time periods set forth in Section 66452.2(c) of the Act.

82.50.130 Expiration/extension of tentative map.

A. In accordance with Gov. Code Section 66452.6, a tentative map shall expire 24 months after its approval or conditional approval.

B. Where a subdivider is subject to a requirement of $100,000 or more to construct or improve or finance the construction or improvement of public improvements outside the boundaries of the tentative map, the subdivider shall comply with the provisions set forth in Gov. Code Section 66452.6(a).

C. The City shall process tentative maps submitted prior to imposition of a development moratorium in compliance with Gov. Code Section 66452(f). (Ord. 1658)

82.50.140 Revised tentative map.

A. Where a subdivider desires to revise or alter a proposed subdivision for which a tentative map has been approved by the City Council, the subdivider may file with the Department of Community Development a revised tentative map on payment of the established fees.

B. A revised tentative map shall conform to the following requirements:

1. The proposed subdivision shown on such map shall generally conform to the street and lot pattern shown on the approved tentative map;

2. The proposed subdivision shown on such map shall include only one contiguous area consisting of all or a portion of the subdivision shown on the approved tentative map together with such additional land, if any, as the subdivider desires to include;

3. The revised tentative map shall contain all of the information required on tentative maps and shall be accompanied by such data as is required to be filed with proposed tentative maps.

C. A revised tentative map shall be filed within 12 months after the approval of the tentative map by the City Council or, if an extension of time is granted, within the period specified in such extension.

D. Upon the filing of a revised tentative map and payment of the prescribed fee, such revised tentative map shall be treated in all respects as an original tentative map and shall be reported on, approved, conditionally approved, or disapproved, in the same manner as a tentative map; provided, however, that the subdivider shall have 12 months from the approval or conditional approval of the original tentative map within which to obtain final map approval, unless such period is extended pursuant to this chapter, in which case, the subdivider shall obtain final map approval within the period of any such extension.

82.50.150 Replacement of tentative map.

At any time following the filing of a tentative map with the Secretary of the Planning Commission, the City Engineer may direct the subdivider to submit a replacement tentative map. Such direction shall be based upon the City Engineer’s finding that the number or nature of the changes necessary for approval are such that they cannot be shown clearly or simply on the original tentative map.