Chapter 82.54


82.54.010    Requirements.

82.54.020    Multiple final maps.

82.54.030    Preparation of final map.

82.54.040    Supplemental information on final map.

82.54.050    Record of easements.

82.54.060    Survey data.

82.54.070    Lot numbers.

82.54.080    Established lines.

82.54.090    Additional certificates on final map.

82.54.100    Certificates by separate instrument.

82.54.110    Title company subdivision guarantee.

82.54.120    Soils report certificate.

82.54.130    Processing of final map.

82.54.150    Transmittal of final map to County Recorder.

82.54.160    Correction and amendment of final map.

82.54.010 Requirements.

After the approval or conditional approval of a tentative map and prior to the expiration of such map, a subdivider may cause the real property included within the map, or any part thereof, to be subdivided by complying with the procedures contained in this chapter. (Gov. Code § 66456)

82.54.020 Multiple final maps.

The subdivider may file multiple final maps prior to the expiration of the tentative map in accordance with Section 66456.1 of the Act.

82.54.030 Preparation of final map.

The final map shall be prepared by or under the direction of a registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor, shall be based upon a field survey and shall conform to all of the requirements of Section 66434 of the Act.

82.54.040 Supplemental information on final map.

Every final map shall:

A. Contain a definite description of the land subdivided by references to recorded deeds, recorded maps and official United States surveys. Reference to tracts, recorded deeds and recorded maps shall be spelled out, worded identically with original records and show the book and page of records or map numbers.

B. Show the basis of bearings used, the relationship of said bearings to the true meridian, and the north arrow of said map shall appear on each street thereof.

C. Show the acreage of all parcels containing one acre or more to the nearest hundredth.

D. Clearly indicate, by description or a distinctive boundary line, any area subject to flooding at times of high tide or heavy rainfall, and state that such area is subject to flooding at times of high tide or heavy rainfall.

E. Show a solid line separating all private ways, easements and other rights-of-way not to be accepted as public streets and shown on said map from public streets and clearly designate their nature and the manner in which the right is reserved or granted.

82.54.050 Record of easements.

Every final map shall:

A. Indicate the centerline data, width and side lines of all easements to which the real property is subject or will be subjected by the approval of the final map.

B. Basements for storm drains, sewer and other purposes shall be denoted by broken lines.

C. The easement shall be clearly labeled and identified and, if already of record, proper reference to the records given.

D. Easements being dedicated shall be so indicated in the certificate of dedication.

E. Easements for public utility companies shall be designated on the final map as easements for public utilities.

82.54.060 Survey data.

A. The final map shall show the centerlines of all streets, length, tangents, radii and central angles or radial bearings of all curves, the total width of each street, the width of the portion being dedicated and the width of existing dedication and the width of each side of the centerline; also the width or rights-of-way of railroads, flood control or drainage channels and any other easements existing or being dedicated by the map.

B. Surveys in connection with maps prepared pursuant to this chapter shall be made in accordance with standard practices and principles for land surveying. A traverse of the boundaries of the subdivisions and all lots and blocks shall close. Sufficient data shall be shown to determine readily the bearing and length of each line. Dimensions of lots shall be net dimensions, and no ditto marks shall be used.

C. Traverse sheets and work sheets showing the closure of the exterior boundaries and of each irregular block and lot shall be provided.

D. The final map shall also have indicated thereon the following:

1. Suitable primary survey control points.

a. Section corners.

b. Monuments (existing outside of subdivision).

2. Location of all permanent monuments within the subdivisions.

3. Ties to any City or County boundary lines involved.

4. Ties to and identification of adjacent subdivisions.

5. Required certificates.

82.54.070 Lot numbers.

A. The lots shall be numbered consecutively, commencing with the number “1” with no omissions or duplications. In the case of successive subdivisions of the same basic name, the numbering may be successively extended from the previous subdivision bearing the same general name.

B. Each lot shall be shown entirely on one sheet.

82.54.080 Established lines.

A. Whenever the City Engineer has established the center line of a street or alley, such data shall be considered in making the surveys and in preparing the final map, and all monuments found shall be indicated and proper references made to field books or maps of public record, relating to the monuments. If the points were reset by ties, that fact shall be stated.

B. The final map shall show City boundaries crossing or adjoining the subdivision clearly designated and tied in.

82.54.090 Additional certificates on final map.

In addition to certificates and other material required by the Subdivision Map Act and this title, every final map shall bear the following certificates or endorsements:

A. A certificate by the City Treasurer and the County Director of Sanitation and Flood Control, where applicable, to the effect that there are no unpaid special assessments or bonds which may be paid in full shown by the records in their offices against the subdivision or any part thereof.

B. A certificate by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors that the provisions of Division 2, Title 7 of the Government Code have been complied with regarding deposits for taxes on the property within the subdivision. (Gov. Code § 66492)

C. Certificate of the County Recorder as to the filing of the map.

D. A certificate signed and sealed by the Engineer-Surveyor in accordance with Section 66441 of the Subdivision Map Act.

E. A certificate signed by the City Engineer in accordance with Section 66442 of the Act.

F. A certificate signed by the Secretary of the Planning Commission that the final map has been submitted to the Planning Commission for report and recommendation. (Gov. Code § 66443)

G. A certificate for execution by the City Clerk, stating that the City Council approved the final map, and accepted, accepted subject to improvement or rejected, on behalf of the public, any real property offered for dedication for public use in conformity with the terms of the offer of dedication. (Gov. Code § 66440)

H. A certificate, signed and acknowledged before a notary, by all parties, and if a corporation, a certified copy of the appropriate resolution of such corporation, having any record title interest in the real property subdivided, consenting to the preparation and recordation of the final map is required, except as set forth in Section 66436 of the Act. (Gov. Code § 66430)

I. Where dedications are required, a certificate offering to dedicate interests in real property for specified public purposes in accordance with the Act. The certificate shall be properly signed and acknowledged before a notary public and shall be signed by all parties having any record title interest in the real property being subdivided subject to the provisions of Section 66436 of the Act. In case any dedication of consent shown on a subdivision map is signed by a corporation, a certified copy of the resolution passed by the board of directors must accompany the final map. (Gov. Code § 66439)

J. The certificate of a qualified title company that the parties who executed the owner’s certificate required by Section 66436 of the Act are all the parties having any record title interest in the land subdivided. Said certificates shall also set forth the names of the parties owning the interests set forth in Section 66436 of the Act together with a description of said interests and the reasons the parties did not execute the owner’s certificate. The title company shall, on the date the final map will be transmitted to the County Recorder, present to the County Recorder a letter stating that on said date the names of the parties and the other facts set forth in the title company’s certificate were the same as shown by the certificate. (Gov. Code § 66443)

K. In the event that a grant of an open space easement is to be made over any portion of the subdivision, the final map shall contain a certificate signed and acknowledged by those parties having any record title interest in the subdivided land granting such open space easement and stating the conditions of the grant. (Gov. Code § 66443)

L. A notice in accordance with Section 66434.1 of the Act relating to the development lien created under the Education Code.

82.54.100 Certificates by separate instrument.

A. The City may require that the certificates and acknowledgements required by this title be made by separate instrument to be recorded concurrently with the final map being filed for record.

B. Whenever a certificate or acknowledgement is made by separate instrument, there shall appear on the final map a reference to the separately recorded documents. This reference shall be completed by the San Diego County Recorder pursuant to Section 66468.1 of the Act.

82.54.110 Title company subdivision guarantee.

In lieu of the title company certificate required by CMC 82.54.090(J), there may be filed with the City Engineer a subdivision guarantee from a qualified title insurance company which guarantees that the parties names therein are the only parties having any record title interest in the land subdivided. The title company shall, on the date the final map will be transmitted to the County Recorder, present to the County Recorder pursuant to the requirements of Section 66465 of the Act, a letter stating that at the time of filing of the final or parcel map in the Office of the County Recorder, the parties consenting to such filing are all of the parties having a record title interest in the real property being subdivided whose signatures are required by Division 2 of Title 7 of the Act, as shown by the records in the Office of the Recorder.

82.54.120 Soils report certificate.

A. When a solid report, a geologic report, or soils and geologic reports have been prepared specifically for the subdivision, such fact shall be noted on the final map, together with the date of such report or reports, the name of the engineer making the soils report and geologist making the geologic report and the location where the reports are on file.

B. The soils report, geologic report, or soils and geologic reports specified in subsection A of this section shall be kept for public inspection by the City. (Gov. Code § 66434.5)

82.54.130 Processing of final map.

A. At least 60 days prior to the expiration of the tentative map, the subdivider shall submit the proposed final map to the Department of Community Development which shall set the matter as a consent calendar item on the agenda of the next available regular meeting of the City Council.

B. The Department of Community Development shall:

1. Submit the proposed final map to the Engineering Services Department for review and certification by the City Engineer in accordance with Section 66442 of the Subdivision Map Act;

2. Submit to the City Council recommendations regarding the form and content of the proposed final map obtained from all appropriate City staff and governmental agencies; and

3. Prepare and submit to the City Council a staff report which shall be made available to the subdivider no less than three days prior to the City Council consideration of the matter.

C. At the meeting at which it receives the proposed final map, or at its next regular meeting, the City Council shall approve the map if it conforms to all of the requirements of this title applicable at the time of approval or conditional approval of the tentative map and any rulings made thereunder; or, if it does not so conform, disapprove the map. If the City Council does not act within the prescribed time, or any authorized extension thereof, and the map conforms to all said requirements and rulings, it shall be deemed approved, and the City Clerk shall certify its approval thereon. (Gov. Code § 66458) (Ord. 1832; Ord. 1731)

82.54.150 Transmittal of final map to County Recorder.

After the approval by the City of a final map of a subdivision, the City Clerk or an agent shall transmit the map to the County Recorder. A final map subject to Section 66493 of the Act shall be processed in compliance with Gov. Code Section 66464(b). (Ord. 1832; Ord. 1658; Ord. 1601)

82.54.160 Correction and amendment of final map.

Corrections of and amendments to the final map shall be made pursuant to Section 66469 et seq. of the Act.