Chapter 82.64


82.64.010    Requirement.

82.64.020    Preparation of parcel map.

82.64.030    Supplemental information of parcel map.

82.64.040    Processing of parcel map.

82.64.050    Transmittal of parcel map to County Recorder.

82.64.060    Correction and amendment of parcel map.

82.64.010 Requirement.

After the approval or conditional approval of a tentative parcel map and prior to the expiration of such map, a subdivider may cause the real property included within the tentative parcel map, or any part thereof, to be subdivided by complying with the procedures contained in this chapter. (Gov. Code § 66463)

82.64.020 Preparation of parcel map.

The parcel map shall be prepared by or under the direction of a registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor, shall show the location of streets and property lines bounding the property and shall conform to all of the following provisions:

A. The provisions of Section 66445 of the Act.

B. Shall be based upon a field survey made in conformity with the Land Surveyors Act. (Gov. Code § 66448)

82.64.030 Supplemental information of parcel map.

A. The parcel map shall contain the information required of a final map as set forth in Chapter 82.54 CMC, portions of which may be waived by the City Engineer when not required to achieve the purposes of this title.

B. A certificate of an engineer or land surveyor in accordance with Section 66449 of the Act.

C. A certificate in accordance with Section 66450 of the Act relating to unincorporated territory.

82.64.040 Processing of parcel map.

A. At least 60 days prior to the expiration of the tentative parcel map, the subdivider shall submit the proposed parcel map to the Department of Community Development.

B. The Department of Community Development shall:

1. Submit the proposed parcel map to the Engineering Services Department for review and certification by the City Engineer in accordance with Section 66450 of the Subdivision Map Act; and

2. Determine the adequacy of the form and content of the proposed parcel map after having obtained comments from all appropriate City staff and governmental agencies.

C. The City Council delegates to the Community Development Department the authority to approve or disapprove proposed parcel maps in accordance with the provisions of this title and the Act. (Gov. Code §§ 66474.7, 66458)

D. The Community Development Department shall approve the map if it conforms to all of the requirements of this title applicable at the time of approval or conditional approval of the tentative map and any rulings made thereunder; or, if it does not so conform, disapprove the map. If the Department does not act within the prescribed time, or any authorized extension thereof, and the map conforms to all said requirements and rulings, it shall be deemed approved, and the City Clerk shall certify its approval thereon. (Gov. Code § 66458)

E. The decision of the Community Development Department shall be final 10 days after the applicant is notified thereof setting forth the action; except, the decision shall be suspended if an appeal to the City Council is filed prior to the end of this 10-day period.

F. Upon the filing of a sufficient, timely appeal with the Director of Community Development, the matter shall be set for administrative hearing on the agenda of the next available regular meeting of the City Council. The City Council shall adopt a resolution setting forth the City’s final action on the proposed parcel map. (Ord. 1832)

82.64.050 Transmittal of parcel map to County Recorder.

After the approval by the City of a parcel map, the City Clerk or an agent shall transmit the map to the County Recorder. A parcel map subject to Section 66493 of the Act shall be processed in compliance with Gov. Code Section 66464(b). (Ord. 1832; Ord. 1658; Ord. 1601)

82.64.060 Correction and amendment of parcel map.

Corrections of and amendments to the parcel map shall be made pursuant to Section 66469 et seq. of the Act. (Ord. 1832)