Chapter 82.74
Reversion to Acreage


82.74.010    Requirement.

82.74.020    Petition.

82.74.030    Procedure.

82.74.040    Appeal of Planning Commission decision.

82.74.050    Repealed.

82.74.010 Requirement.

The City Council on its own motion or all of the owners of record of the real property by petition may revert the subdivided real property to acreage pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. (Gov. Code §§ 66499.11, 66499.12)

82.74.020 Petition.

The petition shall be in a form prescribed by the Director of the Department of Community Development and shall contain, without limitation, the following:

A. Adequate evidence of title to the real property within the subdivision.

B. Sufficient data to enable the City Council to make all of the required determinations and findings.

C. A final map which delineates dedications which will not be vacated and dedications which are a condition to reversion or a parcel map in accordance with Section 66499.20 1/4 of the Act for four or less contiguous parcels in the form prescribed by this title, there being no tentative map required.

D. Evidence of the consent of all of the owners of an interest in the property.

E. Evidence that none of the improvements required to be made have been made within two years from the date the final map or parcel map was filed for record or within the time allowed by agreement for completion of the improvements, whichever is later.

F. Evidence that no lots shown on the final or parcel map have been sold within five years from the date such final or parcel map was filed for record. (Gov. Code § 66499.13)

82.74.030 Procedure.

A. Upon payment of the established fee and the filing of a sufficient petition and proposed map, the Director of Community Development shall prepare a report and submit the matter to the Planning Commission. (Gov. Code § 66499.14)

B. The petition shall be set on the agenda of the Planning Commission for noticed, public hearing. (Gov. Code § 66499.15)

C. The reversion to acreage will be approved only if the Planning Commission makes the findings set forth in Section 66499.16 of the Act.

D. The Planning Commission shall impose the required conditions set forth in Section 66499.17 of the Act. Upon approval of the reversion, the map shall be delivered to the County Recorder for filing.

82.74.040 Appeal of Planning Commission decision.

Within 10 calendar days after the adoption of a resolution approving, denying or conditionally approving the petition, any person affected may appeal the decision to the City Council by filing with the City Clerk a notice of appeal in accordance with Chapter 1.12 CMC. (Ord. 2025 § 15, 2011)

82.74.050 City Council action.

Repealed by Ord. 2025.