Chapter 86.46


86.46.010    Purpose and intent.

86.46.020    Application – Precise development plan (PDP).

86.46.030    Planning Commission and City Council action.

86.46.040    Minimum standards.

86.46.050    Repealed.

86.46.010 Purpose and intent.

The purpose and intent of the Planned Community Development Overlay Zone regulations contained in this chapter is to provide for residential land development consisting of a related group of residential housing types including but not limited to single-family dwelling buildings or duplexes, cluster housing, patio homes, townhouses, apartments, condominiums or cooperatives or any combination thereof and including related open spaces and community services consisting of recreational, commercial, professional and maintenance and operational facilities essential to the development, all comprehensively planned as a three-dimensional entity. Such residential land development normally requires deviation from the normal zoning regulations and standards regarding lot size, yard requirements, bulk and structural coverage in an effort to maximize the benefits accruing to the citizens of Coronado. (Ord. 1559)

86.46.020 Application Precise development plan (PDP).

Once a property has been rezoned to place a PCD overlay on it, a PDP may be initiated in the manner prescribed by Chapter 86.55 CMC.

A. Legal description and boundary survey map of the exterior boundaries of land to be developed in the proposed Planned Community Development.

B. A topographic map indicating anticipated grading or fill areas and all groupings of existing trees and other natural features. The topographic map shall indicate two-foot contour intervals.

C. A preliminary report describing provisions for storm drainage, sewage disposal, water supply and other utilities.

D. For the residential development position of any proposed PCD development:

1. The number of dwelling units proposed by type of dwelling. This may be stated as a range with maximum and minimum number of units of each type but shall not exceed the previous residential density and height limit of the most recent zone designation prior to any proposed Planned Community Development;

2. The approximate total population anticipated in the entire development;

3. The proposed standards of number of stories, open space, structural coverage, pedestrian and traffic circulation and number of dwelling units per acre of residential development.

E. For commercial, professional, institutional or commercial recreational or other nonresidential development portion of any proposed PCD development:

1. Types of uses proposed in the entire area;

2. Anticipated total number of persons employed; may be stated as a range;

3. Methods proposed to control or limit dangerous or objectionable elements, if any, which may be caused or emitted by such proposed uses. Such dangerous or objectionable elements may include fire, explosion, noise or vibration, smoke, dust, odor, or other forms of air pollution; heat, cold, dampness, electrical or other disturbances; glare, or other substance or element which might adversely affect the surrounding area;

4. The proposed standards of number of stories, open space buffering, pedestrian and traffic circulation, off-street parking and loading;

5. Pertinent social or economic characteristics of the development such as enrollment, residence, employment, etc.

F. The location, area, and type of sites proposed for public and private open space, recreational facilities, and schools. For purposes of this section, open space may include swimming pools, pedestrian walkways, driveways, arbors or shade structures designed as an integral part of the site’s landscaping. Open space shall not include dedicated or private streets, structures used for residential, commercial, professional or operational maintenance purposes, covered or uncovered required parking area or garage.

G. The anticipated timing for each phase, if any, of the development, including approximate starting and completion dates.

H. Offers to dedicate those areas shown on the precise development plan as public property in a form acceptable to the City Attorney. (Ord. 1869)

86.46.030 Planning Commission and City Council action.

The Planning Commission and City Council shall act upon the PCD application in the manner prescribed by Chapter 86.55 CMC for special use permits. (Ord. 1869)

86.46.040 Minimum standards.

The following minimum development standards shall apply to projects within a Planned Community Development:

A. All utility distribution facilities within the boundaries of the zone shall be located underground.

B. Off-street parking requirements shall be in accordance with the off-street parking performance standards of this title.

C. The number of units proposed within a Planned Community Development shall not exceed the maximum residential density allowed by the underlying zone.

D. The maximum height limit shall not exceed the height limits of the underlying zone.

E. The project shall comply with the landscaping requirement of the underlying zone. (Ord. 1869)

86.46.050 Repealed.

Repealed by Ord. 1869.