Chapter 86.64


86.64.010    Purpose and intent.

86.64.020    Uses permitted.

86.64.030    Review.

86.64.040    Location.

86.64.010 Purpose and intent.

The purpose and intent of the WP Modifying Zone regulations contained in this chapter are to protect and preserve valuable and unique environmental resources for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations of Californians. This zone designation is advisory for those areas within the corporate boundaries of the City but not under the zoning jurisdiction of the City of Coronado. This zone is mandatory for those areas under direct jurisdiction of the City of Coronado. This modifying zone is to be superior to all other modifying zones. (Ord. 1481)

86.64.020 Uses permitted.

The following uses shall be allowed in the WP Modifying Zone:

A. Wildlife preserves.

B. Botanical gardens or conservation areas.

C. Archaeological, geological or paleontological excavations by recognized archaeologists, geologists or paleontologists and authorized by the City.

D. Off-road paved or unpaved walkway or bicycle path.

E. Salt evaporation ponds, subject to a special use permit.

F. Aquaculture, subject to a special use permit.

G. The YMCA Camp at its present site.

H. The military facilities and activities on the Naval Communication Station property west of State Scenic Highway 75.

I. Overhead or underground utility transmission/distribution facilities.

J. The following accessory uses in conjunction with one or more of the above primary uses:

1. Paved or unpaved parking facilities and access roads for those individuals who are utilizing the site for one of the designated primary uses or who maintain the site for one of the designated uses.

2. Small permanent information facility to primarily be used to inform the general public of the unique qualities of the site.

3. Signs intended to inform the general public of the qualities of the site, to protect individuals from harm or inconvenience, and to preserve and protect the habitat qualities of the site and the species that frequent the site.

4. Trash receptacles, seating facilities, drinking fountains, sunken viewing blinds, fences, bicycle racks or any other similar facility deemed necessary to successfully utilize the site in a primary designated use.

86.64.030 Review.

A. The Planning Commission and City Council shall review for approval or disapproval all proposed uses in the WP Modifying Zone for conformance with the purpose and intent of this zone.

B. The Design Review Commission shall review all proposed structures, signs or facilities within the WP Modifying Zone for conformance with the purpose and intent of this zone and for their visual impact on views from any public road or water way.

C. Appeal of a Planning Commission or Design Review Commission decision may be made in writing to the City Council within 15 days after such review.

86.64.040 Location.

The WP Modifying Zone shall include the following areas:

A. That area within the City of Coronado that is encompassed by the City of Imperial Beach; the Pacific Ocean; the southern boundary of Silver Strand State Beach; Highway 75; the boundary between the Coronado Cays residential development and the salt marsh established by the Coronado Cays Company; the southern shoreline of the Coronado Cays; latitude 32º 37'; and the municipal boundary line shared by the Cities of Coronado and San Diego in San Diego Bay.

B. Any other area so designated by the Planning Commission and the City Council after a noticed public hearing is held on the matter at least 10 days prior to such designation. (Ord. 1578)