Chapter 86.78


86.78.010    Purpose and intent.

86.78.020    Definition – Transient occupancy.

86.78.030    Definition – Transient rental.

86.78.040    Definition – Transient time-share occupancy.

86.78.050    Definition – Time-share complex.

86.78.060    Transient rental regulations.

86.78.070    Transient time-share occupancy regulations.

86.78.080    Nonconforming time-share complexes.

86.78.010 Purpose and intent.

The purpose and intent of this chapter is to regulate various forms of transient occupancy within the City. (Ord. 1809)

86.78.020 Definition – Transient occupancy.

“Transient occupancy” means the right to use, occupy or possess, or the use, occupancy, or possession of, a dwelling unit or a habitable unit for a period of 25 consecutive calendar days or less. (Ord. 1495)

86.78.030 Definition – Transient rental.

“Transient rental” means the renting, letting, subletting, leasing or subleasing of a dwelling unit or a habitable unit for “transient occupancy.” (Ord. 1495)

86.78.040 Definition – Transient time-share occupancy.

“Transient time-share occupancy” means “transient occupancy” when conveyed with consideration through any arrangement where the use, occupancy, or possession of real property circulates among purchasers of intervals of ownership according to a fixed or floating time schedule on a periodic basis for a specific period of time during any given year, regardless of the name used to describe the method of use, occupancy, or possession. (Ord. 1495)

86.78.050 Definition – Time-share complex.

“Time-share complex” is a building or group of buildings containing one or more habitable units with such dwelling units as may be allowed by this code, whose ownership or right to use facilities are conveyed to multiple individuals for “transient time-share occupancy.”

86.78.060 Transient rental regulations.

A. No dwelling or habitable unit in any Residential Zone (except as specified in subsection B of this section) shall be used as a transient rental.

B. Dwelling or habitable units within R-4 Zone motels, or that constitute lodging houses within the “P” Overlay Zone may be utilized as transient rentals. (Ord. 1788; Ord. 1495)

86.78.070 Transient time-share occupancy regulations.

A. For all zones, no dwelling unit or habitable unit shall be established for, or converted to, transient, time-share occupancy use.

B. For all zones, no person shall make a dwelling unit or habitable unit subject to an arrangement which creates a transient, time-share occupancy right.

86.78.080 Nonconforming time-share complexes.

Nonconforming time-share complexes may be reconstructed so long as neither the number of dwelling units or habitable units for each complex nor the number of bedrooms for each unit is increased, the height of a structure is not increased, existing building profiles are maintained, and the number and size of existing parking spaces is not reduced.