Chapter 90.02


90.02.010    Effect.

90.02.020    Recreational facilities.

90.02.030    Swimming pools.

90.02.040    Greens, commons, malls and parks.

90.02.050    Density.

90.02.060    Parking.

90.02.070    Bulkheads.

90.02.080    Waterways.

90.02.090    Street lights and traffic signs.

90.02.100    Underground utilities.

90.02.110    Median strips and parkways.

90.02.120    Corner lots.

90.02.130    Land use plan.

90.02.140    Signs.

90.02.150    Height measurement of fence or wall.

90.02.160    Visibility across rear yards of waterfront dwellings.

90.02.010 Effect.

These provisions with respect to the Coronado Cays constitute a comprehensive plan of development, control and regulation by the City of Coronado, except as may otherwise be provided herein. The City of Coronado recognizes that a master planned community has been developed and that this specific plan is necessary to maintain the unique quality of the Cays, including the right to continue the land uses existing on the effective date of the plan codified in this title.

90.02.020 Recreational facilities.

Recreational facilities may be located in any zone of the Coronado Cays. Recreational facilities may include, but are not limited to, the following: beaches, swimming rafts and floats, launching ramps, dry and wet boat storage, volley ball courts, fire pits and rings; beach club and yacht club buildings, including dining, cooking and bar facilities, locker rooms, sauna rooms, game and club rooms; offices related to management of common areas, playground facilities, badminton and tennis courts, therapeutic pools, swimming pools, and other equipment related to recreational use including buoys and markers, related parking and storage areas and other related recreational facilities constructed, erected, or installed for the benefit and exclusive use of the residents and their guests.

90.02.030 Swimming pools.

Any swimming pool, or decorative pond (including associated equipment) or any other body of water which contains water 18 inches or more in depth for use in connection with any dwelling unit, shall be at least five feet from any side or rear property line and 10 feet from any front property line. No such body of water shall be permitted in any required yard space unless the enclosing fence required by the City of Coronado is permitted under the provisions of walls and fences of the zoning area that is applicable. Pool and decorative pond equipment shall be required to comply with the City of Coronado noise ordinance.

90.02.040 Greens, commons, malls and parks.

Facilities and features within these areas may include, but are not limited to, the following: walks and malls, sprinklers and lawns, shrubbery, trees and greenery, rocks, boardwalks, benches, outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, sculpture, fountains and reflecting pools. All other items related to and a part of the landscape design, including screen walls and fences, shall be permitted, providing no items are detrimental to public welfare or a hazard to traffic safety. Landscape and sprinkler system plans shall be submitted to the City for review and approval.

90.02.050 Density.

The maximum allowable density for the specific plan area is the net area of fee lands expressed in square feet and divided by 4,000. Net area shall be the gross area less the areas devoted to commercial use and the street rights-of-way. Waterway areas of fee lands, parks, school site and municipal service areas shall not be deducted. Density shall not exceed one living unit for each 4,000 square feet of land.

90.02.060 Parking.

A. Residential Parking Requirements. Each residential unit shall provide a minimum of two conveniently accessible, continuously usable off-street parking spaces to be used exclusively for parking operable motor vehicles. Storage of inoperable motor vehicles in Residential Zones shall be prohibited except for residential units that provide more than two enclosed off-street parking spaces. The net dimensions of each space shall be a minimum of nine feet by 20 feet except for waterfront villas. The parking requirement for waterfront villas is contained in Chapter 90.08 CMC, Waterfront Villa Zone.

B. Parking and Storage on Residential Lots. No boats, trailers, motor vehicles, machinery, or other material and equipment may be stored on the exterior areas of residential lots. However, boats, trailers, and motor vehicles in an operable condition may be parked in the driveway of a residential lot not to exceed 72 consecutive hours. Vehicles parked on a driveway, including boats and trailers, shall be parked perpendicular to the street and not block any portion of the adjoining sidewalk.

90.02.070 Bulkheads.

Bulkheads shall be concrete installed on all fee lands fronting on waterways, except those areas devoted to beaches. Bulkheads shall not be located within the channel right-of-way. The City shall maintain the causeways including bulkheads. All other bulkheads shall be the responsibility of the homeowners or their association.

90.02.080 Waterways.

A. Standards. Docks, rafts, floats, beaches, navigational aids, footings, pilings and related wharfage facilities may be constructed and maintained within a 45-foot easement on each side and each end of the 150- and 170-foot channels and within a 55-foot easement on 200-foot channels. Additionally there will be a mooring encroachment of five feet beyond the 45-foot area and seven feet beyond the 55-foot area.

B. Maintenance. (Reserved).

C. Protection. The City shall provide police and fire protection for the waterways.

90.02.090 Street lights and traffic signs.

The City will provide and maintain street lights and traffic signs.

90.02.100 Underground utilities.

All utilities shall be located underground.

90.02.110 Median strips and parkways.

Maintenance within the median strips on the 86- and 90-foot rights-of-way, as well as tree pruning in the median, shall be the responsibility of the City of Coronado. All parkway maintenance, trees in wells within the dedicated streets, parking islands and planters on the causeways is the responsibility of the homeowners’ association.

90.02.120 Corner lots.

Fences, walls or hedges on corner lots may not be closer than 25 feet to the property line for traffic safety vision.

90.02.130 Land use plan.

A. Map. The boundaries of the specific plan area are depicted on a map entitled the Coronado Cays Specific Plan Map, initially dated March 23, 2001, adopted by resolution of the City Council, as may be amended from time to time, likewise by resolution of the City Council, and which shall at all times be on file in the Office of the City Clerk. The specific plan area is divided into village areas whose boundaries are also depicted on that map.

B. Both the City zoning ordinance and the specific plan applies to the Coronado Cays.

C. If a conflict arises between the terms and conditions of the specific plan and the zoning ordinance, the specific plan shall prevail.

D. Any more stringent requirements will be the responsibility of the Coronado Cays homeowners’ association by inclusion in its member handbook.

90.02.140 Signs.

All signage will comply with the City’s sign ordinance as modified from time to time.

90.02.150 Height measurement of fence or wall.

The height of a fence, a wall or hedges shall be measured from the lowest adjoining side.

90.02.160 Visibility across rear yards of waterfront dwellings.

The rear yard of dwellings adjoining either a channel or the bay must be kept sufficiently clear of plants and trees to allow good visibility across that portion of the lot within 10 feet of the bulkhead wall.