Chapter 90.08


90.08.010    Application – Purpose.

90.08.020    Uses permitted.

90.08.030    Development standards.

90.08.040    Yard requirements.

90.08.050    Setback exceptions.

90.08.060    Parking requirements.

90.08.010 Application Purpose.

The regulations contained in this chapter establishing the Waterfront Villa Zone apply to the following association villages: Antigua, Kingston and Montego.

90.08.020 Uses permitted.

Residential buildings containing four or more attached dwelling units, and the customary accessory uses and structures.

90.08.030 Development standards.

A. Lot Coverage. The total ground floor area of all roofed structures shall not occupy more than 60 percent of the lot area.

B. Maximum Building Height. The maximum building height shall not exceed three stories or 40 feet.

C. Minimum Floor Area. Each dwelling unit, constructed or erected, shall have a minimum living floor area of 1,400 square feet, including walls but exclusive of garage or carport.

90.08.040 Yard requirements.

A. Waterway Setback. The minimum setback shall be 20 feet, measured from the face of the bulkhead to the building wall at the center of each building.

B. Street Setback. The minimum setback shall be four feet, measured from the property line to the wall of a building.

C. Garage/Carport Setback. The minimum setback from the property line to the building wall of a garage/carport shall be two feet on the interior street and zero setback on the exterior street.

90.08.050 Setback exceptions.

A. Architectural Features. Architectural features may project 30 inches into the setback from the waterways, the setback from the street, or the courtyard. Second floor balconies or building wing walls may project 10 feet into the required setback from the waterways.

B. Unenclosed Stairways. Unenclosed stairways may extend from the second floor balcony to within five feet of the face of the bulkhead wall, between patios.

C. Fences, Walls or Hedges. Masonry walls at the perimeter of a waterfront villa development or erected as part of the entry detail, or as a garage/carport wall, shall not exceed 10 feet in height. Fences used as screening, patio area or trash area enclosures may be located from the building face to a court or street elevation walk, and shall not exceed eight feet in height. Hedges not exceeding eight feet in height may be located on any part of the lot, provided they are not closer than 25 feet to the entrance property line for traffic safety vision.

90.08.060 Parking requirements.

Each dwelling unit shall be provided with a minimum of two reasonably accessible, continuously usable, off-street parking spaces. The net dimensions of each space shall be a minimum of nine feet by 18 feet. Space may be provided by either garage or carport. The minimum width of the required parking may be reduced to 17 feet and four inches when two spaces assigned to a particular unit are enclosed.