Chapter 90.14


90.14.010    Application and purpose.

90.14.020    Uses permitted.

90.14.030    Development standards.

90.14.040    Yard requirements.

90.14.050    Parking requirements.

90.14.060    Exclusive use common areas.

90.14.010 Application and purpose.

The Village Condominium Zone provides a medium density area in the Mardi Gras Village for statutory condominium structures meeting the social, economic, and aesthetic requirements of the Coronado Cays community.

90.14.020 Uses permitted.

Residences of one- and/or two-story structures containing four or more living units or one- and two-story unattached structures, each providing a single living unit including the customary accessory uses and structures.

90.14.030 Development standards.

A. Lot Coverage. The ground floor area of all roofed structures shall not occupy more than 55 percent of the lot area.

B. Maximum Building Height. Buildings and/or dwelling units may be either one or two stories but may not exceed a maximum height of 35 feet.

C. Minimum Floor Area. Each dwelling unit shall have a minimum floor area of 1,300 square feet of living area, including walls, but exclusive of garage or carport.

90.14.040 Yard requirements.

A. Setback Requirements. The minimum setback from any private street shall be four feet from curb face, excepting that on a cul-de-sac the setback may be reduced to zero. The minimum setback from any property line shall be 25 feet, except that the minimum setback from the property lines adjacent to Lots 849, 850, 855, and 926 shall be 10 feet. The minimum setback from any property line within Lot 853 shall be 10 feet.

B. Architectural Features. Architectural features may project 30 inches into the required setback.

C. Fences, Walls or Hedges. Masonry walls at the west property lines shall not exceed seven feet in height. Masonry walls erected as part of the entry detail, or as a garage/carport wall, shall not exceed 10 feet in height. Fences used as screening for a patio area or trash enclosure area shall not exceed seven feet in height. Fences, wall, or hedges may not be closer than 25 feet to the entrance property line to preclude impairment of traffic safety vision.

90.14.050 Parking requirements.

Each dwelling unit shall be provided with a minimum of two reasonably accessible, continuously usable, off-street parking spaces. The net dimensions of each space shall be nine feet by 20 feet. Space may be provided by either garage or carport.

90.14.060 Exclusive use common areas.

Front, rear and side yards shall be for the exclusive use of respective units as defined in the condominium plan.