Chapter 90.16


90.16.010    General.

90.16.020    Lot 926, association maintenance facility.

90.16.030    Lot 855, wetlands.

90.16.010 General.

The regulations contained in this chapter shall apply to Lot 926 and Lot 855.

90.16.020 Lot 926, association maintenance facility.

A. In addition to other uses permitted in the Village Condominium Zone, a maintenance facility is an additional permitted use in Lot 926. Uses permitted in use area(s) designated “maintenance facility” shall be limited to use by the homeowners’ association and City of Coronado maintenance crews and/or their subcontractors in connection with the maintenance of Coronado Cays subject to conditions set forth in the final paragraph of this section. One or more buildings may be constructed upon the site but total first floor building coverage shall not exceed 50 percent of the lot. Maximum overall height of any building(s) or structure(s) on the lot shall not exceed 23 feet. Setback requirements for buildings shall be a minimum of 10 feet from all property lines. The site use shall be limited to the following: (1) storage and maintenance of equipment such as trucks and rolling stock, (2) landscape and building maintenance supplies and equipment, and (3) an office from which maintenance personnel may gather for assignment and dispatch.

B. The areas shall be completely screened from outside view by walls, screen fences and/or landscaping so as not to impair the use and enjoyment of the adjacent residential areas. Walls and fences shall not exceed eight feet in height.

90.16.030 Lot 855, wetlands.

A. Lot 855 was created by dredging to create a wetland as an ecological site under an agreement with the State Department of Fish and Game and the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife.

B. Maintenance of the wetlands will be in accordance with said agreement and will be the responsibility of the Coronado Cays homeowners’ association.