Chapter 9.30


9.30.010    Permits for manufacturing, sale and discharge.

9.30.020    Bond for fireworks display required.

9.30.030    Disposal of unfired fireworks.

9.30.040    Exception.

9.30.050    Seizure of fireworks.

9.30.060    Superseded.

9.30.010 Permits for manufacturing, sale and discharge.

A. Except as provided in this chapter, it is unlawful for any person to possess, store, offer for sale, expose for sale, sell at retail or use or explode any fireworks, as that term is defined in the California Health and Safety Code; provided, that the city shall have power to adopt reasonable rules and regulations for the granting of permits for supervised public displays of fireworks by a jurisdiction, fair associations, amusement parks, other organizations or for the use of fireworks by artisans in pursuit of their trade.

Every such use or display shall be handled by a competent operator approved by the city manager and shall be of such character and so located, discharged or fired so as, in the opinion of the city manager after proper investigation, not to be hazardous to property or endanger any person.

B. Applications for permits shall be made in writing at least ten days in advance of the date of the display. After such privilege shall be granted, sale, possession, use and distribution of fireworks for such display shall be lawful for that purpose only. No permit granted under this chapter shall be transferable. (Ord. 395 § 1(part), 1984).

9.30.020 Bond for fireworks display required.

The permittee shall furnish a bond or certificate of insurance in an amount deemed adequate by the city manager for the payment of all damages which may be caused either to a person or persons or to property by reason of the permitted display and arising from any acts of the permittee, his/her agents, employees or subcontractors. (Ord. 395 § 1(part), 1984).

9.30.030 Disposal of unfired fireworks.

Any fireworks that remain unfired after the display is concluded shall be immediately disposed of in a way safe for the particular type of fireworks remaining. (Ord. 395 § 1(part), 1984).

9.30.040 Exception.

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit the use of fireworks by railroads or other transportation agencies for signal purposes of illumination, or the sale or use of blank cartridges for a show or theater, or for signal or ceremonial purposes in athletics or sports or for use by military organizations. (Ord. 395 § 1(part), 1984).

9.30.050 Seizure of fireworks.

The city police shall seize, take, remove or cause to be removed at the expense of the owner all stocks of fireworks offered or exposed for sale, stored or held in violation of this chapter. (Ord. 395 § 1(part), 1984).

9.30.060 Superseded.

In the event California legislation is adopted which supersedes or otherwise modifies SB 2333, Stats. 1984, then this chapter shall be superseded or modified in accordance with such California legislation. (Ord. 395 § 1(part), 1984).