Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    Adoption – Description.

1.12.020    Custodian.

1.12.030    Permission required when used for other than official city business.

1.12.010 Adoption – Description.

A seal consisting of a circular disc one and seven-eighths inches in diameter with a design cut thereon showing an orange spray containing fruit and leaves and having thereon the following inscription “City of Covina, California, Incorporated Aug. 14, 1901” is adopted as the seal of the city.

(1964 Code § 1.15.)

1.12.020 Custodian.

The city clerk shall be the custodian of the city seal adopted by CMC 1.12.010. (1964 Code § 1.16.)

1.12.030 Permission required when used for other than official city business.

It is unlawful for any person to use the official seal of the city as adopted by the city council or its design or any design so closely resembling the same as to be apt to deceive or be reasonably mistaken for, for any purpose other than for official city business, without having first obtained the permission of the city council therefor. (Ord. 94-1776 § 1, 1994.)


For statutory provisions requiring the city clerk to be custodian of the city seal, see Government Code § 40811.