Title 9


Division I. Offenses By or Against Public Officers

9.04    False Personation of Police Officer

9.10    Police Dogs

Division II. Offenses Against the Person (Reserved)

Division III. Offenses Against Decency

9.20    Gambling

9.30    Adult-Oriented Businesses

9.34    Display of Books, Magazines and Other Publications

Division IV. Offenses Against Public Peace

9.40    Noise

9.42    Environmental Disturbances

9.44    Playing Ball in Streets

9.46    Wilderness Park

9.48    Conduct in Parks

9.50    Use of Alcoholic Beverages in Public Places

9.52    Automatic Calling Devices

9.54    Prohibited Conduct

9.56    Repealed

9.58    Host Obligations to Protect Minors from Alcoholic Beverages at Gatherings

Division V. Offenses Against Property

9.60    Posting and Distribution of Advertising

9.65    Prevention and Removal of Graffiti

Division VI. Consumer Protection (Reserved)

Division VII. Offenses By or Against Minors

9.72    Curfew and Truancy

9.74    Civil Penalties for Failure to Control Minor

9.76    Minors Prohibited from Certain Places

Division VIII. Weapons

9.84    Discharging Weapons

9.86    Concealable Firearms – Retail Sales