Chapter 10.48


10.48.010    Crosswalk establishment.

10.48.020    Crossing roadway at right angles.

10.48.030    Standing in roadways.

10.48.010 Crosswalk establishment.

A. The traffic engineer shall mark crosswalks at those locations which the city council has determined and found that conditions of vehicular and pedestrian traffic are such that the establishment of a marked crosswalk is warranted.

B. The traffic engineer may mark a portion of a roadway at intersections or in conjunction with channelizing islands adjacent to intersections if he or she finds such markings will reduce traffic conflicts. (Ord. 11-2002 § 39, 2011; 1964 Code § 16.30.)

10.48.020 Crossing roadway at right angles.

No pedestrian shall cross a roadway at any place other than by a route at right angles to the curb or by the shortest route to the opposite curb except in a marked crosswalk. (1964 Code § 16.31.)

10.48.030 Standing in roadways.

No person shall stand in any roadway other than in a safety zone or in a crosswalk if such action interferes with the lawful movement of traffic. This section shall not apply to any public officer or employee or employee of a public utility when necessarily upon a street in line of duty. (1964 Code § 16.32.)


For statutory provisions regarding local regulation of pedestrians, see Vehicle Code §§ 21106, 21109, and 21961.