Chapter 10.56


10.56.010    Definition.

10.56.020    Permit required.

10.56.030    Exemptions from provisions.

10.56.040    Application for permit – Time of filing – Fee.

10.56.050    Investigation.

10.56.060    Bond required.

10.56.070    Contents of the permit.

10.56.080    Parade prohibited.

10.56.090    Appeal of denial.

10.56.100    Revocation of permit.

10.56.110    Violation.

10.56.120    Notification.

10.56.010 Definition.

“Parade” means any march, ceremony, show, exhibition, pageant, review, or procession of any kind, in or upon any street, alley, park or other public place which does not comply with normal and usual traffic regulations and controls. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.103.)

10.56.020 Permit required.

No person shall engage in, participate in, aid, solicit, form or start any parade unless a permit to do so has been obtained from the city manager and unless such permit is carried by the person heading or leading the parade. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.104.)

10.56.030 Exemptions from provisions.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to funeral processions; nor to any parade carried on by the pupils of the public schools as a part of their educational activities and under the immediate direction and supervision of the proper public school authorities with the approval of the public school administrators, nor to any governmental agency within the scope of its functions. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.105.)

10.56.040 Application for permit – Time of filing – Fee.

Applications for a parade permit shall be filed with the chief of police not less than 30 days nor more than 90 days before the date on which it is proposed to conduct the parade and applicants shall pay a nonrefundable fee as established from time to time by resolution of the city council to defray in part the cost of investigation and report. Such application shall be sworn to and shall state:

A. The name of the person or organization wishing to conduct such parade;

B. If the parade is proposed to be conducted for, on behalf of, or by an organization, the name, address and telephone number of the headquarters of the organization, and of the authorized and responsible head of such organization;

C. The name, address and telephone number of the person who will be the parade chairman and who will be responsible for its conduct;

D. The name, address and telephone number of the person or organization to whom the permit is desired to be issued;

E. The date when such parade is to be conducted;

F. The route to be traveled, the starting point and the termination point;

G. The approximate number of persons, animals and vehicles which will constitute such parade, the type of animals, and a description of the vehicles;

H. The hour when such parade will start and terminate;

I. Whether such parade will occupy all or only a portion of the width of the highways to be traversed;

J. The location by streets of any assembly or assembly areas for such parade;

K. The time at which units of the parade will begin to assemble at any such assembly area or areas;

L. The interval space to be maintained between units of such parade;

M. If the parade is designed to be held by, and on behalf of or for, any person other than the applicant, the applicant for such permit shall file with the chief of police a communication in writing from the person proposing to hold the parade authorizing the applicant to apply for the permit on his or her behalf;

N. Any other information the chief of police deems necessary for his or her investigation. (Ord. 11-2002 § 41, 2011; Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.106.)

10.56.050 Investigation.

The police chief shall investigate and make a recommendation to the city manager to approve, with or without conditions, or deny the application based upon a consideration of the following questions and other pertinent information:

A. Will the conduct of such parade substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of other traffic contiguous to its route?

B. Will the conduct of such parade require the diversion of so great a number of police officers of the city to properly police the line of movement and the areas contiguous thereto, as to prevent normal police protection to the city or impose too great an expense to the city?

C. Will the concentration of persons, animals and vehicles at assembly points of the parade unduly interfere with proper fire and police protection of, or ambulance service to, areas contiguous to such assembly areas?

D. Will the conduct of such parade interfere with the movement of firefighting equipment en route to a fire?

E. Will the conduct of such parade be reasonably likely to cause injury to persons or property?

F. Will such parade move from its point of origin to its point of termination expeditiously and without stopping en route?

G. Is such parade to be held for the sole purpose of advertising any product, goods or event, and is it designed to be held purely for private profit?

H. Has the permittee provided for the services of monitors to control the orderly conduct of the parade in conformity with such permit?

I. Has the permittee provided reasonable means for informing all the persons participating therein of terms and conditions of such permit?

J. Does the applicant agree to abide by or comply with all conditions of the permit?

K. Are the facts contained in the application true and not false or nonexistent in any material detail? (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.107.)

10.56.060 Bond required.

An applicant for a parade permit may be required by the city manager, before the issuance of a permit, to deposit with the finance department a sum of money or an approved surety bond in such amount as determined by the city manager as a guarantee that he will pay any and all damages which may result in the conduct of the parade. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.108.)

10.56.070 Contents of the permit.

Each parade permit shall state the following:

A. The assembly area and time of assembly;

B. The starting time;

C. The route of the parade;

D. What portions of the street to be traversed may be occupied by such parade;

E. The disbanding area and time of disbanding;

F. The number of persons required to monitor the parade;

G. The maximum length of parade in miles or fractions thereof, or in units, or in number of participants;

H. Such other requirements as are found by the city manager to be reasonably necessary for the protection of persons or property. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.109.)

10.56.080 Parade prohibited.

No permit shall be issued authorizing the conduct of a parade which the city manager finds is proposed to be held for the sole purpose of advertising any product, goods, wares, merchandise, or event and is designed to be held purely for private profit. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.110.)

10.56.090 Appeal of denial.

Any appeal to the city council from the city manager’s denial of a parade permit must be filed with the city clerk within five days after notice of such denial. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.111.)

10.56.100 Revocation of permit.

Any permit for a parade issued under this chapter may be summarily revoked by the city manager at any time when by reason of disaster, public calamity or other emergency, the city manager determines that the safety of persons or property demands such revocation. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.112.)

10.56.110 Violation.

Willful violation of any of the terms or conditions of the parade permit by the permittee or any participant in the parade is a misdemeanor. Willful violation of any section of this chapter is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.113.)

10.56.120 Notification.

Upon the granting of a parade permit, the city manager will cause a copy of the permit to be sent to all agencies and businesses in the Covina area providing emergency services. (Ord. 1233 § 1, 1973; 1964 Code § 16.114.)