Chapter 10.57


10.57.010    Definitions.

10.57.020    Interference with special event prohibited.

10.57.030    Violation – Penalty.

10.57.010 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter, the following words, terms and phrases shall have the meaning given herein:

A. “City” means the city of Covina.

B. “Public place” means any and all public streets, sidewalks, gutters, boulevards, alleys or other public rights-of-way and any and all public buildings, parks, squares, grounds and publicly owned off-street parking areas.

C. “Sidewalk” shall have the meaning set forth in CMC 1.04.010.

D. “Special event” shall mean any event, parade, exposition, fair or procession staged in or upon public places or sidewalks for which city services are required because of interference with normal vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic or which will reasonably be expected to generate an extraordinary need for sanitation or other city services. “Special event” also includes any event which has received a permit pursuant to Chapter 5.08 CMC. (Ord. 04-1910 § 1, 2004.)

10.57.020 Interference with special event prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with, disrupt or impede a permitted special event as specified herein. The following acts are prohibited by this section when done for the purpose of or with knowledge that an effect thereof is to interfere with or disrupt the ability of the permittee to carry on the special event:

A. To block, obstruct or impede the passage of participants, vehicles or animals in the special event along the special event route;

B. When not participating in the special event with the permission of the permit holder, to walk, run, operate a skateboard, ride any wheeled vehicle or roller skate through, between, with or among the participants, vehicles or animals in the special event, except in cases of bona fide emergency;

C. To drop, roll, throw, toss, squirt or propel any gaseous, liquid, semisolid or solid substance or object toward or among the participants, vehicles or animals in the special event;

D. To grab, take hold of, strike, hit, pull or push any participant, vehicle or animal in the special event, or to mount any vehicle in the special event, except with the permission of the permittee or in cases of bona fide emergency;

E. To generate, amplify or broadcast any noises or sounds using any loudspeaker, amplifier, instrument or device other than sounds generated solely by the human voice or body unaided by any such amplifier, device or instrument upon any sidewalk or public place. This restriction shall apply only along the special event route while the special event is in progress at that location, and shall not apply to any participant in the special event acting with the permission of the permittee. (Ord. 04-1910 § 1, 2004.)

10.57.030 Violation – Penalty.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in an amount not exceeding $1,000 or imprisoned in the county jail for a period not to exceed six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 04-1910 § 1, 2004.)