Title 17


17.02    General Provisions

17.04    Definitions and Standards

17.06    Zones and Map

17.08    A-1 Agricultural and Residential Zone (Single-Family)

17.10    A-2 Agricultural and Residential Zone (Single-Family)

17.12    E-1/2 Estate Residential Zone (Single-Family Estate)

17.14    E-1 Estate Residential Zone (Single-Family Estate)

17.16    E-2-1/2 Estate Residential Zone (Single-Family Estate)

17.18    E-5 Estate Residential Zone (Single-Family Estate)

17.20    R-1-20,000 Residential Zone (Single-Family)

17.22    R-1-10,000 Residential Zone (Single-Family)

17.24    R-1-8500 Residential Zone (Single-Family)

17.26    R-1-7500 Residential Zone (Single-Family)

17.28    RD Residential Zone (Multiple-Family)

17.30    R-TP Residential Zone (Trailer and Mobile Home Parks)

17.32    R-R Residential Recreation Zone

17.34    C-P Commercial, Administrative and Professional Office Zone

17.36    C-1 Commercial Zone (Neighborhood Stores)

17.38    C-2 Commercial Zone (Neighborhood Shopping Center)

17.40    C-3 Commercial Zone (Central Business)

17.42    C-3A Commercial Zone (Regional or Community Shopping Center)

17.44    C-4 Commercial Zone (Highway)

17.46    C-5 Commercial Zone (Specified Highway)

17.48    C-R Commercial Zone (Recreation)

17.50    TC-P Town Center Medical and Professional Office Zone

17.52    TC-C Town Center Commercial Zone

17.54    M-1 Light Manufacturing Zone

17.55    Adult-Oriented Businesses

17.56    Overlay Zone (Outdoor Advertising Structures)

17.57    Outdoor Dining and Display

17.58    Planned Community Development (PCD) Districts

17.59    Repealed

17.60    Permitted Uses

17.61    Smoke Shops and Tobacco Stores

17.62    Conditional Use Permits

17.63    Family Day Care Homes

17.64    Site Plan Review

17.65    Wireless Communication Facilities

17.66    Highway Right-of-Way Lines

17.67    Body Art Facilities

17.68    Existing Lots

17.70    Nonconforming Lots, Buildings and Uses

17.72    Off-Street Parking and Loading

17.73    Off-Site Subdivision Directional Signs

17.74    Signs in Commercial Zones

17.75    Incidental Signs

17.76    Conversion of Residential Building

17.78    Variances

17.80    Zoning Amendments and Zone Changes

17.81    Historic Preservation

17.82    Water-Efficient Landscape Regulations

17.83    Tree Preservation

17.84    Cannabis Prohibitions and Regulations

17.85    Compliance and Penalties


For statutory provisions regarding planning in general, see Government Code § 65000 et seq.; for provisions regarding the community redevelopment law, see Health and Safety Code § 33000 et seq.