Chapter 2.02


2.02.010    Term limits.

2.02.020    Vacancy caused by absence.

2.02.010 Term limits.

A. All appointees to any other board, commissions, or committee, either presently existing or which may be formed in the future, shall be limited to serving two (2) full consecutive terms, as those terms are provided for such commission, board, or committee within the rules of the City.

B. In the event a member of any board, committee, or commission was appointed to fill an unexpired term of a member, said member may serve the remainder of the unexpired term to which he or she was appointed, and, if reappointed by the Mayor, then serve two (2) additional consecutive terms. [Ord. 7317 § 3; Ord. 07-003; City Code § 2.6.2.]

2.02.020 Vacancy caused by absence.

A. If a member of any commission or board is absent without cause from more than two (2) successive regular meetings of the commission or board, or absent with or without cause from more than four (4) regular meetings in any fiscal year, the office becomes vacant automatically. The commission or board shall immediately notify the City Council of the vacancy.

B. A member is not absent without cause if his absence is:

1. Due to illness; or

2. Unavoidable and the member gives the secretary of the commission or board notice the date of the meeting that he will be absent and provides the reason for the absence. [Ord. 07-003; City Code § 2.6.3.]