Chapter 3.01


3.01.010    Merit system of employment.

3.01.010 Merit system of employment.

A merit system of employment is hereby established. The City Council shall adopt personnel rules by resolution to implement this system. The rules shall include:

A. Preparation, installation, revision and maintenance of a position classification plan covering all positions in the City service, including employment standards and qualifications for each class.

B. Preparation, revision and administration of a plan of compensation directly correlated with position classification plan, providing a rate or range of pay for each class.

C. Public announcement of all vacancies, acceptance of applications for employment and preparation and conduct of examinations.

D. Making of provisional and emergency appointments.

E. Evaluation of employees during the probationary period.

F. Transfer, promotion, demotion, reinstatement, disciplinary action, separation and layoff of employees in the City service.

G. Standardization of hours of work, attendance and leave regulations, working conditions and the development of employee morale, welfare and training.

H. The establishment of adequate personnel records.

I. The establishment of grievance and appeal procedures. [Ord. 12-004.]