Chapter 3.03


3.03.010    Definitions.

3.03.020    Created – Composition – Appointment – Control.

3.03.030    Eligibility for membership.

3.03.040    Qualifications and standards for membership.

3.03.050    Members deemed public officers.

3.03.060    Compensation and benefits.

3.03.070    Public services to be rendered as ordered by Chief.

3.03.080    Preparation against perils to life and property.

3.03.090    Enforcement powers.

3.03.100    Uniform and equipment.

3.03.110    Unlawful impersonation of a reserve officer.

3.03.120    Dismissal of reserve member.

3.03.130    Return of certain equipment upon separation.

3.03.140    Enforcement of chapter.

3.03.010 Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

“Chief” shall mean the Chief of Police of the City, or his or her designee.

“Member” shall mean a member of the police reserve.

“Reserve” shall mean the police reserve. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.020 Created – Composition – Appointment – Control.

The police reserve is hereby created and established. Such reserve of no more than fifteen (15) men and women, appointed by the Chief, with the concurrence of the City Manager, shall make up such reserve. Rank within such reserve shall consist of one (1) lieutenant and two (2) sergeant positions. The reserve shall be under the direction of the Chief for administrative, operational and technical control. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.030 Eligibility for membership.

To be eligible for membership in such reserve, each applicant must indicate his or her willingness to serve an average minimum of eight (8) hours per month in the public service, and to abide by other rules and regulations as the same are contained in the “organization objectives” of the Police Department. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.040 Qualifications and standards for membership.

The Chief, with approval of the City Manager and the consent of the City Council, shall by rule promulgated by him or her prescribe the qualifications and standards by which applicants for membership in the reserve shall be governed. Persons possessing such qualifications and conforming to such standards may be appointed to the reserve. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.050 Members deemed public officers.

All persons appointed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed public officers. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.060 Compensation and benefits.

A. The reserve shall be a voluntary organization, and shall only receive that compensation as may hereinafter be fixed by action of the City Council.

B. Members of the police reserve, while acting in such capacity, shall be entitled to those workers’ compensation benefits as the same are defined in the California Workers’ Compensation Act, under the provisions of Cal. Lab. Code Division 4, as well as all other benefits, privileges and immunities required to be provided to reserve members by law. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.070 Public services to be rendered as ordered by Chief.

Members shall perform only such public service as may be ordered by the Chief and it shall be unlawful for any person to willfully resist, delay or obstruct any member in the discharge of or attempt to discharge any duties of his or her office. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.080 Preparation against perils to life and property.

In addition to the duties assigned by the Chief, the reserve is hereby assigned the duty of preparing against the perils to civilian life and property that may be expected to result from attack from or during war or from any disaster that may threaten lives and property in the City. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.090 Enforcement powers.

In the enforcement of the penal laws of the State, or the penal laws of the City, and in the performance of such other duties as may be designated by the Chief, every duly authorized member while on duty shall be deemed to have all the powers of a peace officer. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.100 Uniform and equipment.

The uniform, badge and equipment to be worn and carried by the members, while on duty only, shall be as prescribed by the Chief, and shall conform to the uniform code for the police officers in the City. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.110 Unlawful impersonation of a reserve officer.

It shall be unlawful for any person to impersonate or falsely represent himself or herself to be a member of the reserve, or to wear, use or possess a badge used by the reserve. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.120 Dismissal of reserve member.

The Chief, with the concurrence of the City Manager, may dismiss a member from the reserve for just cause without any hearing whatsoever, and each member shall have the right to resign from such reserve at any time. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.130 Return of certain equipment upon separation.

Upon separation from the reserve for any reason, whether dismissal, termination or resignation, the member shall return the badge, identification card and cap shield issued to him or her by the Chief, and the member so returning such items shall not be entitled to any compensation therefor. [Ord. 12-004.]

3.03.140 Enforcement of chapter.

The Chief is hereby authorized, directed and empowered to prepare and promulgate such rules and regulations and any revisions or amendments thereof as may be in his or her discretion necessary to carry out the express intent of this chapter; provided, that such rules and regulations shall first have the approval of the City Manager and the concurrence of the City Council. [Ord. 12-004.]