Chapter 7.03


7.03.010    Kennel and cattery regulations and requirements.

7.03.020    Standards for kennels or catteries.

7.03.010 Kennel and cattery regulations and requirements.

It shall be unlawful for any kennel or cattery to be operated in any single-family or multifamily residential zoning district of the City in which the operation of a commercial business in said zoning district as a matter of right would be prohibited by the City zoning ordinance. Every person owning or controlling a kennel or cattery shall annually register said kennel or cattery with the City and shall pay an annual license fee for such kennel or cattery, which annual fee shall be the license fee for all dogs or cats regularly kept therein and the regulatory license fee for said kennel or cattery. The amount of said annual license fee and the manner and time of the payment of said annual fee, and the procedures for revocation of said licenses for cause, shall be determined by resolution or resolutions of the City Council. [Ord. 12-004.]

7.03.020 Standards for kennels or catteries.

All kennels and catteries shall be constructed and maintained by the person operating or controlling said facility so as to prevent dogs or cats confined therein from running at large off the premises where the dogs or cats are kept. If said premises are maintained in a manner in which the dogs or cats kept on those premises are declared to be a public nuisance under the provisions of DMC 7.05.060(D), the order declaring said nuisance may, in addition to the other provisions authorized by DMC 7.05.070, include such conditions, limitations, restriction or prohibitions as are deemed necessary by the hearing officer to permanently abate said nuisance and to prevent its reoccurrence, including a suspension or termination of the keeping of dogs and cats on the premises. [Ord. 12-004.]