Chapter 12.01


12.01.010    Short title.

12.01.020    Authority.

12.01.030    Official time standard.

12.01.040    Exception for State Highway 113.

12.01.050    Reserved.

12.01.060    Reserved.

12.01.070    Reserved.

12.01.080    Reserved.

12.01.090    Reserved.

12.01.100    Definitions generally.

12.01.110    Arterial street.

12.01.120    Bikeway.

12.01.130    Camp car.

12.01.140    Camper shell.

12.01.150    Central business district.

12.01.160    City.

12.01.170    City Council.

12.01.180    Driveway.

12.01.190    Gross weight.

12.01.200    Holidays.

12.01.210    Loading zone.

12.01.220    Motor home.

12.01.230    Multi-use vehicle.

12.01.240    Parkway.

12.01.250    Passenger loading zone.

12.01.260    Pedestrian safety zone.

12.01.270    Public safety officer.

12.01.280    Public storage.

12.01.290    Recreational vehicle.

12.01.300    Restricted parking.

12.01.310    Stand or standing.

12.01.320    Transportation Advisory Commission.

12.01.330    Traffic Engineer.

12.01.340    Traffic regulations.

12.01.350    Truck.

12.01.360    Truck route.

12.01.370    Vehicle Code.

12.01.010 Short title.

This title may be cited or referred to as “the City of Dixon traffic ordinance.” [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.020 Authority.

This title is adopted pursuant to those provisions of the Vehicle Code authorizing local jurisdictions to regulate traffic. If any provision herein is deemed to be in conflict with the Vehicle Code, the provisions of the Vehicle Code shall prevail. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.030 Official time standard.

Whenever certain hours are specified in this title, they shall refer to Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Saving Time as may be in current use in the City. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.040 Exception for State Highway 113.

Except as otherwise stated, the provisions contained in this title shall not apply to State Highway 113, unless consent to enforce such regulations or provisions has been granted pursuant to applicable provisions of the Vehicle Code by the California Department of Transportation. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.050 Reserved.

12.01.060 Reserved.

12.01.070 Reserved.

12.01.080 Reserved.

12.01.090 Reserved.

12.01.100 Definitions generally.

The words and phrases defined in this chapter, when used in this title, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this chapter, except when the context otherwise requires. Any words and phrases not defined in this chapter shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Vehicle Code and amendments thereto. Words not defined either in this chapter or the Vehicle Code shall be given their common meaning. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.110 Arterial street.

“Arterial street” means any Federal or State numbered route or controlled access highway, or any other major street or highway designated by the City Council as part of a major arterial system of streets or highways. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.120 Bikeway.

“Bikeway” means every way, including highways, which is publicly maintained and which is in some manner specifically designated as open to public bicycle travel, regardless of whether the way is designated for exclusive use of bicycles or is to be shared with other transportation modes. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.130 Camp car.

“Camp car” means a vehicle with or without motive power which is designed or used for human habitation and which may contain plumbing, refrigeration, cooking, heating or electrical equipment, but does not include an installed “mobile home” or “manufactured home” as set forth in Cal. Gov’t Code §§ 65852.3 and 65852.7. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.140 Camper shell.

“Camper shell” means a structure designed to be mounted upon a vehicle that provides shelter from the elements but does not contain plumbing, refrigeration, cooking, heating, electrical equipment or other facilities for human habitation. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.150 Central business district.

“Central business district” means all streets and portions of streets within the area defined as Mayes Street from South Jackson Street to South Second Street; A Street from the UPRR (railroad tracks) to South Second Street; B Street from North Jackson Street to North Second Street; Jackson Street from West Mayes Street to West B Street; First Street from Mayes Street to UPRR (railroad tracks); and Second Street from East Mayes Street to East B Street.

This definition may vary from similar districts defined in the City’s General Plan, zoning ordinance, or elsewhere. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.160 City.

“City” means the City of Dixon. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.170 City Council.

“City Council” means the Council of the City of Dixon. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.180 Driveway.

“Driveway” means an established paved path leading from a garage or parking facility on a lot to a street or alleyway, and used primarily for the ingress or egress of vehicles. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.190 Gross weight.

“Gross weight” means the unladen weight of a vehicle plus the weight of any load on the vehicle. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.200 Holidays.

“Holidays” means all the days established as legal holidays by the State of California. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.210 Loading zone.

“Loading zone” means the space adjacent to a curb reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles during loading and unloading of passengers or materials, and plainly marked by signs or painting on the street or the side of a building. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.220 Motor home.

“Motor home” means a self-contained vehicle designed for human habitation, with its own motive power, and with a passageway from the body of the home to the driver’s front passenger seat. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.230 Multi-use vehicle.

“Multi-use vehicle” means a four (4) wheel drive vehicle, pickup truck, motor home or van, twenty-three (23) feet or less in length. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.240 Parkway.

“Parkway” means the portion of the street right-of-way other than the roadway (the vehicle travel way, curb, gutter or sidewalks). [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.250 Passenger loading zone.

“Passenger loading zone” means the space adjacent to a curb reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles for the loading or unloading of passengers. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.260 Pedestrian safety zone.

“Pedestrian safety zone” means the area or space lawfully set apart within a street as a safety zone for the exclusive use of pedestrians and which is protected from vehicular traffic, or which is marked or indicated by pavement markings, vertical signs, raised markers or raised buttons, in order to make such area or space plainly visible. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.270 Public safety officer.

“Public safety officer” means one (1) of the personnel of the Police Department or Fire Department of the City who are authorized to direct or regulate traffic or enforce traffic regulations. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.280 Public storage.

“Public storage” means a privately owned facility, containing designated parking areas for the secure outdoor and indoor storage of vehicles (including boats). [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.290 Recreational vehicle.

“Recreational vehicle” means any vehicle or trailer designed or modified for use as a camp car, camper, motor home, house car, trailer coach, boat, boat trailer, snowmobile, trailer, camp trailer, vehicle with a camper shell, multi-use vehicle or any similar purpose. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.300 Restricted parking.

“Restricted parking” means a prohibition of or limitation of parking on public streets and portions of streets. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.310 Stand or standing.

“Stand” or “standing” means the halting of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, other than temporarily for the purpose of and while actively engaged in receiving or discharging passengers. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.320 Transportation Advisory Commission.

“Transportation Advisory Commission” means that commission established in Chapter 2.05 DMC or such successor commission that may be established by the City to act as an advisory body to the City Council in all matters relating to traffic, transportation, and transit. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.330 Traffic Engineer.

“Traffic Engineer” means the City Engineer or the City Engineer’s authorized representative. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.340 Traffic regulations.

“Traffic regulations” means any ordinances or resolutions of the City Council passed for the purpose of regulating or controlling any vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.350 Truck.

“Truck” means any vehicle the gross vehicle weight rating of which exceeds five (5) tons. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.360 Truck route.

“Truck route” means any street designated for the unrestricted use of trucks. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.01.370 Vehicle Code.

“Vehicle Code” means the current version of the California Vehicle Code including any amendments thereto. [Ord. 05-010.]