Chapter 12.02


12.02.010    Administration.

12.02.020    City Council determination.

12.02.030    Duties of the enforcement authority.

12.02.040    Authority to direct traffic.

12.02.050    Duties of the Traffic Engineer.

12.02.060    Authority of the Traffic Engineer.

12.02.010 Administration.

The Traffic Engineer shall have the authority and responsibility for administering this title. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.02.020 City Council determination.

A. The City Council shall determine the following by resolution:

1. Placement of official traffic control devices;

2. Any modifications of the boundaries of the central business district;

3. Designation of one (1) way streets;

4. Truck routes and weight limits;

5. Speed limits on City streets;

6. Hazardous material routes, subject to any law or regulation of the State or of the United States;

7. Crosswalk and pedestrian safety zone locations;

8. Stops and stands for buses, taxis and other passenger common carriers;

9. Limitations on stopping, standing and parking of vehicles;

10. Kinds and classes of traffic and the maximum size and weight of vehicles permitted on any street or portion of a street.

B. Prior to any action pursuant to subsection A of this section, the City Council may, but is not required to, consider the advice of the Traffic Engineer or the Transportation Advisory Commission. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.02.030 Duties of the enforcement authority.

The Police Department is authorized to enforce all traffic regulations of the City and the Vehicle Code, make arrests or issue citations for traffic violations or infractions, and investigate traffic accidents. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.02.040 Authority to direct traffic.

Personnel of the Police Department, Fire Department and other persons designated by the Police Chief are authorized to direct all traffic by voice, hand signals or with other devices during: a fire, other emergency situation, such times as necessary to expedite traffic or such times to safeguard pedestrians. Such persons may direct traffic as such conditions require notwithstanding the provisions of any other local traffic laws in compliance with Cal. Veh. Code § 21100(e). [Ord. 05-010.]

12.02.050 Duties of the Traffic Engineer.

The Traffic Engineer shall determine the necessity for, and provide for the maintenance of, official traffic control devices; conduct engineering investigations of traffic conditions; plan the operation of traffic on the streets of the City; conduct speed surveys; and cooperate with other City officials in the development of ways and means to improve traffic conditions; and shall exercise those additional duties imposed by ordinances and resolutions of the City. [Ord. 05-010.]

12.02.060 Authority of the Traffic Engineer.

A. The Traffic Engineer shall place and maintain official traffic control devices when and as required under the traffic regulations of the City or the Vehicle Code. All traffic control signs, signals and devices shall conform to the manual and specifications approved by the California Department of Transportation, unless otherwise allowed by the Vehicle Code and approved by the City Council.

B. The Traffic Engineer has the authority to test traffic control devices under actual conditions of traffic, subject to laws and regulations of the State or of the United States. [Ord. 05-010.]