Chapter 17.14


17.14.010    General.

17.14.020    Initiation of reversion proceedings.

17.14.030    Review of petition.

17.14.040    Findings for reversion.

17.14.050    Conditions for reversion.

17.14.060    Filing with Solano County Recorder.

17.14.070    Merging and resubdividing without reversion.

17.14.080    Requirements for parcel mergers and unmergers.

17.14.010 General.

Subdivided property may be reverted to acreage, and merged and unmerged, pursuant to the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and this chapter. [Ord. 09-026.]

17.14.020 Initiation of reversion proceedings.

Proceedings to revert subdivided property to acreage may be initiated by petition of all owners of record of the property or by the Council.

A. By Owners. In the case of initiation by the owners, the petition shall be submitted to the Community Development Department and shall contain the following information:

1. Evidence of title to the real property.

2. Sufficient data to allow the Council to make the findings required in DMC 17.14.040.

3. A final or parcel map consistent with the requirements of Chapter 17.07 DMC, Final Maps – Five (5) or More Parcels, or Chapter 17.08, Parcel Maps, and which delineates dedications which will not be vacated and dedications required as a condition to reversion. Final or parcel maps shall be conspicuously designated with the title “The Purpose of this Map is a Reversion to Acreage.”

4. Such other additional data as required by the Community Development Director or the City Engineer.

Each petition for reversion to acreage shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable filing fee as established by resolution of the Council.

B. By Council. The Council may, by resolution and after review by the Planning Commission, initiate proceedings to revert property to acreage. The Council shall direct the Community Development Department to obtain the necessary information to initiate and conduct the proceedings. [Ord. 09-026.]

17.14.030 Review of petition.

The notice, hearing and procedural requirements for review of a tentative map requiring Council approval shall be followed in connection with the review of a proposed reversion to acreage; provided, that upon the conclusion of the hearing before the Council, the Council may approve the reversion to acreage and take final action on the proposed final map. [Ord. 09-026.]

17.14.040 Findings for reversion.

Subdivided property may be reverted to acreage only if the Council finds that:

A. Dedications or offers of dedication to be vacated or abandoned by the reversions to acreage are unnecessary for present or prospective public purposes; and

B. Either:

1. All owners of an interest in the real property within the subdivision have consented to reversion; or

2. None of the improvements required to be made have been made within two (2) years from the date the final or parcel map was filed for record, or within the time allowed by agreement for completion of the improvements, whichever is the later; or

3. No lots shown on the final map or parcel map have been sold within five (5) years from the date such map was filed for record. [Ord. 09-026.]

17.14.050 Conditions for reversion.

The Council may require as conditions of the reversion:

A. The owners dedicate or offer to dedicate streets, public rights-of-way or easements;

B. The retention of all or a portion of previously paid subdivision fees, deposits or improvement securities if the same are necessary to accomplish any of the purposes or provisions of the Subdivision Map Act or this title;

C. Such other conditions of reversion as are necessary to accomplish the purposes or provisions of the Subdivision Map Act or this title or necessary to protect the public health, safety or welfare. [Ord. 09-026.]

17.14.060 Filing with Solano County Recorder.

Upon approval of the reversion to acreage, the City Clerk shall transmit the final or parcel map, together with the Council resolution approving the reversion, to the Solano County Recorder for recordation. Reversion shall be effective upon the final or parcel map being filed for record by the Solano County Recorder. [Ord. 09-026.]

17.14.070 Merging and resubdividing without reversion.

Except as provided in Chapter 17.05 DMC for merger of contiguous parcels under common ownership, subdivided lands may be merged and resubdivided without reverting to acreage by complying with the applicable requirements for the subdivision of land as provided by this title and the Subdivision Map Act. [Ord. 09-026.]

17.14.080 Requirements for parcel mergers and unmergers.

Except as provided otherwise in this chapter, the requirements for the merger and unmerger of parcels shall be as set forth in the Subdivision Map Act (Cal. Gov’t Code § 66499.11 et seq.). [Ord. 09-026.]