Chapter 18.05


18.05.010    Purposes.

18.05.020    Permitted uses.

18.05.030    Conditional uses.

18.05.040    Screening and landscaping.

18.05.050    Performance standards.

18.05.060    Required yards.

18.05.070    Site area.

18.05.080    Frontage, width and depth of site.

18.05.090    One (1) dwelling unit per site.

18.05.100    Coverage.

18.05.110    Height of structures.

18.05.120    Distances between structures.

18.05.130    Signs.

18.05.140    Off-street parking and loading facilities.

18.05.150    Design review.

18.05.160    Reserved.

18.05.170    General provisions and exceptions.

18.05.010 Purposes.

In addition to the objectives prescribed in DMC 18.01.010, the R1 one (1) family residential districts are included in this title to achieve the following purposes:

A. To implement the land use and housing elements of the Dixon General Plan.

B. To reserve appropriately located areas for family living at a reasonable range of population densities consistent with sound standards of public health and safety.

C. To ensure adequate light, air, privacy and open space for each dwelling.

D. To protect one (1) family dwellings from the congestion and lack of privacy associated with multiple-family dwellings.

E. To provide space for community facilities needed to complement urban residential areas and for institutions which require a residential environment.

F. To minimize traffic congestion and to avoid the overloading of utilities by preventing the construction of buildings of excessive size in relation to the land around them.

G. To provide necessary space for off-street parking of automobiles and, where appropriate, for off-street loading of trucks.

H. To protect residential properties from the hazards, noise, and congestion created by commercial and industrial traffic.

I. To protect residential properties from noise, illumination, unsightliness, odors, dust, dirt, smoke, vibration, heat, glare, and other objectionable influences.

J. To protect residential properties from fire, explosion, noxious fumes and other hazards. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.020 Permitted uses.

The following uses shall be permitted:

A. One (1) family dwellings.

B. Raising fruit and nut trees, vegetables and horticultural specialties.

C. Home occupations conducted in accord with the regulations prescribed in Chapter 18.30 DMC.

D. Accessory structures located on the same site with a permitted or conditional use including private garages and carports, one (1) guest house or accessory living quarters without a kitchen, storehouse, garden structures, greenhouse, recreation rooms, windmills and hobby shops.

E. Swimming pools used solely by persons residing on the site and their guests, provided the following:

1. No swimming pool shall be located in a required front or side yard or less than five (5) feet from a property line.

2. No accessory mechanical equipment and related structures shall be located in a required front or side yard or less than three (3) feet from a property line.

F. Accessory and temporary uses, subject to the provisions of Chapter 18.22 DMC.

G. Those facilities which State law requires to be allowed in this zone to the extent provided by State law and subject to any constraints of said State law.

H. Manufactured homes, mobile homes and mobile home parks.

I. Small family day care facilities, subject to the provisions of Chapter 18.22 DMC.

J. Secondary living units.

K. Keeping, boarding, or harboring any cats, dogs, small domestic animals, or small fowl as allowed under the animal control ordinance, DMC Title 7.

L. Churches, parsonages, parish houses, monasteries, convents and other religious institutions.

M. Transitional and supportive housing.

N. Accessory dwelling units, subject to Chapter 18.20B DMC. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1); Ord. 19-008 § 2.]

18.05.030 Conditional uses.

The following uses shall be permitted upon the granting of a use permit, as provided in Chapter 18.25 DMC:

A. Public and parochial elementary schools, junior high schools, and colleges, nursery schools, private nonprofit schools and colleges, not including art, craft, music or dancing schools or business, professional or trade schools and colleges.

B. Public playgrounds, parks, community centers, libraries, museums, art galleries, police and fire stations and other public buildings, structures and facilities, not including post offices.

C. Public and private charitable institutions, hospitals, sanitariums and nursing homes, not including hospitals, sanitariums or nursing homes for mental or drug addict or liquor addict cases.

D. Golf courses.

E. Private stables for the keeping of one (1) large domestic animal on a site no less than two (2) acres in area; provided, that one (1) additional large domestic animal may be kept for each additional acre of the site, up to no more than four (4) large domestic animals; and provided, that no stable shall be located within fifty (50) feet of any property line, within fifty (50) feet of any dwelling on the site, or within one hundred (100) feet of any other dwelling.

F. Commercial nursery growing grounds.

G. Public utility and public service pumping stations, power stations, drainage ways and structures, storage tanks and communications equipment buildings found by the City Planning Commission to be necessary for the public health, safety or welfare.

H. Parking lots when adjacent to any permitted use in this district or when adjacent to any “C” district.

I. Large family day care facilities, subject to the provisions in Chapter 18.22 DMC.

J. Keeping, boarding, or harboring of no more than four (4) large domestic animals, or large fowl, including the construction and maintenance of any structure or facility for the keeping of such animals. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.040 Screening and landscaping.

All uses shall provide screening and landscaping as required in Chapter 18.33 DMC. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.050 Performance standards.

All existing and proposed uses shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 18.28 DMC. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.060 Required yards.

A. The minimum front yard shall be as follows, subject to the exceptions set forth in this section:

Site Area (square feet)

Minimum Front Yard

Less than 10,000

20 feet

10,000 – 14,999

25 feet

15,000 and over

30 feet

1. On a site situated between sites improved with buildings, the minimum front yard shall be the average depth of the front yards on the improved sites adjoining the side lines of the site.

2. Where a site is situated between one (1) or two (2) unimproved sites and where sites comprising forty percent (40%) of the frontage on a block are improved with buildings, the minimum front yard shall be the average of the existing front yard depths in the block.

3. The minimum front yard for a garage shall be twenty-two (22) feet. This distance may be reduced to fifteen (15) feet for garages having curved driveways and openings which are perpendicular to the adjoining street.

B. The minimum side yard shall be five (5) feet on one side and twelve (12) feet on the other side, except that:

1. On a corner lot the minimum street side yard shall be fifteen (15) feet, and the minimum interior side yard shall be five (5) feet.

2. Side yards on each side may be a minimum of five (5) feet if:

a. A side yard borders an alley; or

b. Side yard boundaries are parallel and the lot is less than fifty (50) feet in width.

3. DMC 18.20.060 notwithstanding, whenever a twelve (12) foot side yard is required, there shall be at least ten (10) feet of unobstructed vertical and lateral clearance.

C. The minimum rear yard shall be twenty percent (20%) of the lot depth to a maximum of twenty-five (25) feet; provided, that no rear yard shall be less than fifteen (15) feet, subject to the following exceptions:

1. A wing of the main structure which is no wider than one-third of the site width may extend into the required rear yard; provided, that the distance from the rear wall of the structure to the rear lot line shall be not less than ten (10) feet and that the remaining area behind the main structure shall be not less than a normal rear yard.

2. On a reversed corner lot the minimum rear yard shall not be less than the side yard prescribed in subsection B of this section; provided, that the side yard adjoining the street shall be not less than the required front yard on the adjoining key lot.

3. Accessory structures not exceeding ten (10) feet in height may be located no closer than three (3) feet from the side or rear property lines. Accessory structures up to fourteen (14) feet in height must be located a minimum of five (5) feet from the rear or side property lines; provided, that not more than twenty percent (20%) of the area of the required rear yard shall be covered by structures enclosed on more than one (1) side. An additional ten percent (10%) of the area may be covered by structures open on three (3) sides or more. On a reversed corner lot an accessory structure shall be located not closer to the rear property line than the required side yard on the adjoining key lot and not closer to the property line on the side yard adjoining the street than the required front yard on the adjoining key lot.

4. Where an alley abuts a property’s rear lot line, accessory structures which provide covered parking for automobiles may be located within five (5) feet of the rear lot line if access to the covered parking is from the alley. Covered parking accessed from an alley may cover thirty percent (30%) of the area of the required rear yard or four hundred (400) square feet, whichever is less. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 §§ 2(1), (5); Ord. 15-002 § 7.]

18.05.070 Site area.

The minimum site area shall be as follows:


Permitted and Conditional Uses


7,000 square feet


10,000 square feet


15,000 square feet


20,000 square feet

[Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.080 Frontage, width and depth of site.

A. Each site shall have frontage on a public street of at least fifty (50) feet.

B. The minimum site width shall be as follows:

Site Area (square feet)

Permitted or Conditional Use, Interior Lot Width

Permitted or Conditional Use, Corner Lot Width

7,000 – 7,999

65 feet

75 feet

8,000 – 9,999

70 feet

80 feet

10,000 – 14,999

80 feet

90 feet

15,000 – 20,000

100 feet

110 feet

C. Each site shall have a depth of not less than one hundred (100) feet; provided, that a site fronting or rearing on a railroad right-of-way, freeway or principal arterial shall have a depth of not less than one hundred thirty (130) feet. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.090 One (1) dwelling unit per site.

No more than one (1) single-family dwelling unit, and no more than one (1) secondary living unit, shall be located on each site in the R1 one (1) family residential district. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.100 Coverage.

The maximum site area covered by the main structures shall be forty percent (40%) for a permitted use or a conditional use. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.110 Height of structures.

No structure shall exceed thirty (30) feet in height. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.120 Distances between structures.

The minimum distance between a structure used for human habitation and an accessory structure shall be ten (10) feet. This distance shall be measured from the foundation or wall of each structure. The minimum distance shall be increased by one (1) foot for each two (2) feet of height or fraction thereof by which a portion of a structure within thirty (30) feet of another structure exceeds fourteen (14) feet in height. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.130 Signs.

No sign or display of any character shall be permitted except as prescribed in Chapter 18.24 DMC. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.140 Off-street parking and loading facilities.

Off-street parking facilities and off-street loading facilities shall be provided as prescribed in Chapter 18.27 DMC. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.150 Design review.

Design review is required for all single-family dwellings as prescribed in Chapter 18.23 DMC. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.160 Reserved.

[Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]

18.05.170 General provisions and exceptions.

All uses shall be subject to the general provisions and exceptions prescribed in Chapter 18.20 DMC. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]