Chapter 18.19A


18.19A.010    Purposes and criteria.

18.19A.020    Conditional uses.

18.19A.010 Purposes and criteria.

A. The GW groundwater well overlay district is added to particular parcels of land in order to regulate the installation of groundwater extraction wells on specific parcels that are within two hundred fifty (250) feet of the plume of impacted shallow groundwater at the Municipal Service Center, 285 East Chestnut Street, regardless of the underlying zoning district. When a parcel is located at one (1) of the locations identified in subsection B of this section, the installation of groundwater extraction wells is prohibited unless said well has a minimum sanitary seal of fifty (50) feet from the ground surface to the top of the initial screen interval.

B. Property to include in the GW groundwater well overlay district shall be limited to the following parcels:

1. 341, 351, 360, 370, and 390 South Third Street, Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 0116-053-100, 0116-053-110, 0116-053-040, 0116-053-140, 0116-053-0150, respectively;

2. 215, 225, 235, and 245 East Walnut Street, Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 0116-053-120, 0116-053-130, 0116-053-140, 0116-053-200, respectively;

3. 240, 245, 250, 255, 260, 265, 270, and 275 East Chestnut Street, Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 0116-054-050, 0116-054-060, 0116-054-070, 0116-054-080, 0116-053-080, 0116-053-160, 0116-053-170, 0116-053-180, 0116-053-190, 0116-040, respectively;

4. 285 East Chestnut Street and the adjacent portion of Hall Park Drive, a portion of Assessor’s Parcel Number 0116-040-020;

5. A portion of 655 South First Street, Assessor’s Parcel Number 0116-040-010.

C. This regulation can only be modified or removed with written approval by the Solano County Department of Resource Management or the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. [Ord. 14-004 § 1.]

18.19A.020 Conditional uses.

The drilling of any groundwater well in the groundwater well overlay district shall be permitted only upon the granting of a use permit as provided by Chapter 18.25 DMC. Any use permit granted in connection with this section shall include a condition setting forth provisions for the City to reimburse the permittee for the incremental cost of installing the sanitary seal required under DMC 18.19A.010. [Ord. 14-004 § 1.]