Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Planning Agency established.

2.12.020    Membership—Appointment—Term—Removal.

2.12.030    Expenses and compensation.

2.12.040    Chairman—Rules—Records—Meetings.

2.12.050    Powers and duties—Generally.

2.12.060    Term limits.

2.12.010 Planning Agency established.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 65000 et seq., there is established a Planning Agency consisting of a Planning Commission. (Ord. 17-09 § 2 (part): Ord. 5 § 1, 1982)

2.12.020 Membership—Appointment—Term—Removal.

A.    The Planning Commission shall consist of five (5) members (“members” or “Planning Commissioners”) and two (2) alternate members (“alternates” or “Alternate Planning Commissioners”). One alternate shall be appointed as first alternate or “A1.” The other alternate shall be appointed as second alternate or “A2.” Members shall be appointed for a term of four (4) years. Alternates shall be appointed for a term of two (2) years. Terms shall begin in January following even-numbered election years and end in December of even-numbered years (or until successors are appointed). If a vacancy occurs otherwise than by expiration of term, it shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired portion of the term. In the event of a Commission vacancy, alternates will be considered without submitting a new application unless alternate notifies the Clerk that he or she does not want to be considered for appointment to the vacancy.

B.    Members and alternates shall be appointed to the Planning Commission by the Mayor, subject to the approval of the City Council. A Planning Commissioner or Alternate Planning Commissioner can be removed at any time during the Commissioner’s term of office by a majority of the City Council. Removal and appointment of Planning Commission members and alternates shall be made only at a regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council. Members and alternates of the Planning Commission shall be residents of the city.

C.    Planning Commission members and alternates should endeavor to attend all regular and special meetings of the Planning Commission. The Secretary to the Planning Commission shall provide the Mayor with monthly attendance reports and a quarterly overview of attendance by Committee members and alternates. After the third absence from a regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting within any twelve (12) month period, said Planning Commissioner or Alternate Planning Commissioner automatically vacates his or her office.

D.    Remote Attendance. In rare cases and exceptional circumstances, the Planning Commission permits remote attendance by Planning Commissioners at regular and special Planning Commission meetings. Only two (2) Planning Commissioners are permitted to attend remotely per meeting. The first two (2) Planning Commissioners who notify the City Clerk of his or her intention to do so will be permitted to attend remotely. Audio and video remote attendance is permitted, video is preferred. (Ord. 10-21 § 1; Ord. 5-19 § 1, 2019: Ord. 7-17 § 1, 2017: Ord. 3-16 § 1 (part): Ord. 17-09 § 2 (part): Ord. 20-02 § 2 (A, B); Ord. 16-92 § 1: Ord. 12-84 § 1: Ord. 5 §§ 2, 3, 1982)

2.12.030 Expenses and compensation.

Planning Commission members and alternates shall be entitled to reimbursement for expenses as the City Council may approve. In addition, Planning Commission members and alternates shall be paid fifty dollars ($50) for each meeting attended, to a maximum of three (3) meetings in a calendar month; provided, that Commission members and alternates shall not be deemed to be city employees by virtue of such payment. (Ord. 5-19 § 2, 2019: Ord. 17-09 § 2 (part): Ord. 24-99 § 2 (part): Ord. 11-89 § 1: Ord. 5 § 4, 1982)

2.12.040 Chairman—Rules—Records—Meetings.

A.    The Planning Commission shall elect a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from its membership by simple majority vote at the first meeting of the year. The Commission shall, unless no Commissioners meet the criteria, elect Commissioners to the positions that have not previously served in the position and that have not declined the appointment, with the intent that no one should serve in the position for two (2) consecutive years. Alternates are not eligible to serve as Chairperson or Vice Chairperson. In the absence or disability of either the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson, the Commission may designate a temporary Chairperson.

B.    Unless there is no business to be transacted, the Commission shall hold at least one (1) regular meeting each month and such other meetings as may be necessary.

C.    The Commission shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business.

D.    No official action shall be transacted by less than the affirmative vote of a majority of the quorum present. In the event of a tie vote, the motion fails; another motion may be entertained to break the tie.

E.    Not less than three (3) affirmative votes shall be required to recommend matters to the City Council for adoption. The City Manager or City Manager’s designee shall serve as the Secretary to the Planning Commission.

F.    Alternates shall participate in all Planning Commission matters except that alternates shall vote only in the event of an absence of a member or of a vacancy on the Commission. In such event, the first alternate shall participate as a voting member. The second alternate shall participate as a voting member during the second occurring absence or vacancy at the same meeting. (Ord. 5-19 § 3, 2019: Ord. 3-16 § 1 (part): Ord. 17-09 § 2 (part): Ord. 10-09 § 1: Ord. 16-92 § 2: Ord. 5 § 5, 1982)

2.12.050 Powers and duties—Generally.

The Planning Commission shall have the power and it shall be its duty:

A.    To serve the city and the residents of the city of Dublin with professionalism and respect;

B.    To recommend for adoption by the City Council a comprehensive long-term general plan for the physical development of the city and of any land outside its boundaries which in the City Council’s judgment bears relation to its planning;

C.    To recommend for adoption by the City Council specific plans based on the general plan and drafts of such regulations, programs and legislation as may in its judgment be required for the systematic execution of the general plan;

D.    To periodically review the capital improvement program of the city;

E.    To recommend for adoption by the City Council a zoning ordinance and to perform such other duties in reference to planning, zoning, land use and design review matters as may be required by the City Council. (Ord. 3-16 § 1 (part): Ord. 17-09 § 2 (part): Ord. 10-9 § 2: Ord. 5 § 6, 1982)

2.12.060 Term limits.

No person shall serve as a Planning Commissioner for more than two (2) consecutive four (4) year terms. As used herein, a person shall be considered to have served a term of office as a Planning Commissioner if such person has served as a Planning Commissioner for two (2) years plus one (1) day. No term limit shall apply to Alternate Planning Commissioners. (Ord. 5-19 § 4, 2019: Ord. 17-09 § 2 (part): Ord. 20-02 § 2(C))