Chapter 8.124

8.124.010 Purpose.

To establish a procedure for filing applications and paying fees and deposits.

8.124.020 Applications.

A.    Forms. The Director shall prepare application forms for permits and other approvals under this Title, which forms shall identify plans, maps, fees and deposits, and any other information necessary to process the application.

B.    Submittal. All required application materials shall be submitted to the Department. An application that does not contain all required materials will not be accepted as complete.

C.    Signature. The application shall be filed and signed by the property owner. Where the applicant is not the property owner, the applicant must provide written authorization from the property owner allowing the application to be submitted. The applicant shall further certify that the information and exhibits in the application are true and correct.

D.    Agreements. The application shall include agreements for fee and deposit payment and indemnity; and an agreement stating that the applicant understands that conditions of any approval are binding and agrees to be bound by those conditions, subject only to the right to object at the hearings or during the appeal period. These agreements must be signed by the applicant and submitted with the other required application materials.

8.124.030 Fees and Deposits.

A.    Schedule of Fees and Deposits. The City Council shall, by resolution, establish a schedule of fees and deposits for permits and other approvals under this Title. The schedule of fees and deposits may be changed or modified only by resolution of the City Council.

B.    Timely Payment.

1.    New Applications. Where fees or deposits are among the required application materials, all such fees and deposits shall be paid in full before the application will be accepted as complete. Review shall not commence on any application until it is complete.

2.    Complete Applications. The City is not required to continue processing any application unless its fees and deposits are paid in full. Failure to pay the applicable fees and deposits is grounds for denial of the application.

3.    Unused Deposits. The unused balance of deposits after approval or denial, plan checking, and occupancy of the development shall be returned to the applicant ten days after occupancy of the last unit.

8.124.040 Abandonment of Application.

A.    If an applicant fails to make reasonable progress in either submitting the necessary information to deem a Planning application complete or responding to comments in order to move the application toward final action and the application becomes inactive for more than 90 days, the application may be considered abandoned and deemed withdrawn, without any further action by the City.

B.    The Community Development Director or designee may grant one or more 30-day extensions if he/she determines that circumstances unique to the project justify each extension.

C.    After the abandonment of an application, future City consideration shall require the submittal of a new, complete application and associated fees. Ord. 5-20 (June 2020)