Chapter 8.16

8.16.010 Purpose and Intent.

The purpose and intent of the Agricultural Zoning District is to establish regulations which achieve the following:

A.    Preserve and protect agricultural lands that are being used for the commercial production of agricultural commodities consistent with the General Plan and applicable Specific Plans and appropriate standards of public health, safety, welfare, and aesthetics.

B.    Restrict the use of the land in the Agricultural Zoning District to crop production, the raising of livestock, poultry and other animals and to similar and related uses compatible with agricultural operations.

C.    Encourage agricultural uses in places where more intensive development is not desirable or necessary for the public welfare.

D.    Encourage compatibility of all Agriculture use types with the surrounding neighborhood.

E.    Encourage compatibility of farm buildings with the surrounding neighborhood.

F.    Prohibit land uses that are not compatible with commercial agricultural operations.

G.    Preserve open space values and lands reserved for open space purposes.

H.    Ensure adequate light, air, privacy, and open space for each dwelling.

I.    Minimize traffic congestion and avoid the overloading of public services and utilities.

8.16.020 A (Agricultural Zoning District).

A.    Use types permitted in A zoning district. Animal Keeping - Residential, Community Care Facility/Small, Garage/Yard Sale, Mobile Home, Single Family Residence, Small Family Day Care Home, Large Family Day Care Home; similar and related uses; temporary uses; and conditional uses. All Agriculture use types as shown in the Land Use Matrix require a Conditional Use Permit by the Zoning Administrator. Rev. Ord. 5-20 (June 2020)

B.    Farm buildings. All farm buildings including, but not limited to, a stable, barn, pen, corral, greenhouse, or coop are permitted by means of a Site Development Review in the A zoning district.

C.    General Plan Consistency. The A zoning district is consistent with the Rural Residential/Agriculture designation of the General Plan.

8.16.030 Permitted and Conditionally Permitted Land Uses, Regulations, and Performance Standards.

A.    Permitted and Conditionally Permitted Land Uses. For permitted and conditionally permitted land uses, please see the Land Use Matrix in Section 8.12.050.

B.    Accessory Structures and Uses Regulations. For accessory structures and uses regulations, please see Chapter 8.40.

C.    Development Agreement Regulations. For development agreement regulations, please see Chapter 8.56.

D.    Development Regulations. For development regulations, please see Chapter 8.36.

E.    Home Occupations Regulations. For home occupations regulations, please see Chapter 8.64.

F.    Landscaping and Fencing Regulations. For landscaping and fencing regulations, please see Chapter 8.72.

G.    Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations. For off-street parking and loading regulations, please see Chapter 8.76.

H.    Sign Regulations. For sign regulations, please see Chapter 8.84.

I.    Water Efficient Landscaping Regulations. For water efficient landscape regulations, please see Chapter 8.88.

J.    Wireless Communications Facilities Regulations. For Wireless Communications Facilities Regulations, please see Chapter 8.92.

K.    Performance Standards. All uses in the Agricultural zoning district shall conform to Section 8.28.030 (Industrial Performance Standards for the M-P zoning district).

L.    Supportive Housing. For Supportive Housing regulations, please see Chapter 8.47.

M.    Transitional Housing. For Transitional Housing regulations, please see Chapter 8.50.

N.    Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations. For accessory dwelling unit and junior accessory dwelling unit regulations, please see Chapter 8.80. Rev. Ord. 17-20 (November 2020); Ord. 4-11 (April 2011)