Chapter 2.18


2.18.010    Purpose and authority.

2.18.020    Declaration.

2.18.030    Agency legislative body.

2.18.040    Agency organizational documents.

2.18.010 Purpose and authority.

The City Council has investigated and determined that there is a community need for a redevelopment agency in the City and does hereby so declare that there is a need for a redevelopment agency to function within the City pursuant to Section 33000 et seq. of the Health and Safety Code (the “Community Redevelopment Law”). This determination is based, in part, on the information and analysis presented to the City Council in connection with its designation of a redevelopment survey area in the City by Resolution No. 2009-82 adopted on April 22, 2009, pursuant to Section 33310 of the Health and Safety Code. [Ord. 20-2009 §1, eff. 1-8-2010]

2.18.020 Declaration.

Based on the foregoing declaration, the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Elk Grove (the “Agency”) is hereby created pursuant to the Community Redevelopment Law. [Ord. 20-2009 §2, eff. 1-8-2010]

2.18.030 Agency legislative body.

Pursuant to Section 33200 of the Health and Safety Code, the City Council declares itself to be, and the City Council shall act as, the legislative body of the Agency. The City Council finds that the action declaring itself to be the Agency will serve the public interest and promote the public safety and welfare in an effective manner, by ensuring that decisions of the Agency will be vested in the elected representatives of the community. In accordance with Section 33200(a) of the Health and Safety Code, the City Council further declares that all of the rights, powers, duties, privileges, and immunities vested by the Community Redevelopment Law in the Agency shall be vested in the City Council. [Ord. 20-2009 §3, eff. 1-8-2010]

2.18.040 Agency organizational documents.

The City Council hereby authorizes and directs the City Manager to prepare for consideration by the Agency such bylaws and other organizational documents as are necessary and appropriate to enable the Agency to become an actively operating legal entity under the Community Redevelopment Law, and to file a certified copy of this chapter with the office of the Secretary of State. [Ord. 20-2009 §4, eff. 1-8-2010]