Title 3


3.04    Uniform Sales and Use Tax

3.08    Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax

3.12    Real Property Transfer Tax

3.14    East Franklin Community Facilities District No. 2002-1 Special Tax

3.16    Community Facilities District No. 2003-1 Special Tax

3.18    Community Facilities District No. 2003-2 Special Tax

3.19    Community Facilities District No. 2006-1 Special Tax

3.20    Capital Outlay Fund

3.21    Community Facilities District No. 2005-1 Special Tax

3.24    Special Gas Tax Street Improvement Fund

3.30    City Fees, Charges, Rates and Assessments

3.32    California Land Conservation Contracts

3.40    Utility User Tax

3.42    Contracts and Purchasing

3.43    Delegation of Authority to the Finance Director to Invest Funds in the City Treasury

3.50    Public Works Projects (Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act)

3.70    Utility Billing Services