Chapter 14.07


14.07.010    Complaints investigated.

14.07.020    Qualifications of experts performing investigations.

14.07.030    Findings.

14.07.040    Public nuisance.

14.07.050    Appeals.

14.07.010 Complaints investigated.

The City Manager shall investigate all complaints of practices regarding agricultural uses, regardless of the zoning of the property upon which the alleged violation is occurring. As used in this chapter, “agricultural uses” shall include animal husbandry, farming, and other activities in the agricultural/urban interface. [Ord. 12-2009 §2, eff. 7-10-2009]

14.07.020 Qualifications of experts performing investigations.

In accordance with EGMC Section 14.05.400 investigations shall be conducted by City staff or any other person, appointed by the City Manager in the exercise of his or her sole discretion, who possesses expertise in the field related to the complaint under investigation. The information validating the subject matter expert’s qualifications shall be kept in written form in the City’s file for the complaint. [Ord. 12-2009 §2, eff. 7-10-2009]

14.07.030 Findings.

The findings of the expert shall be presented in written form to the City. In cases where a complaint is sustained (either in part or in full) the findings shall include recommendations to correct the actions. The written findings shall be sent both to the City and to the property owner, business owner, and occupant of the property where the actions are taking place within fifteen (15) days of the completion of the investigation. [Ord. 12-2009 §2, eff. 7-10-2009]

14.07.040 Public nuisance.

Upon the City’s receipt of the findings and documentation that the recommendations have not been implemented the City may then enforce the findings as a public nuisance as provided in EGMC Chapters 1.04, 1.08, 1.12, and EGMC Sections 16.18.1200 through 16.18.1207. [Ord. 12-2009 §2, eff. 7-10-2009]

14.07.050 Appeals.

Any party aggrieved by or subject to the recommendations may appeal the recommendations in accordance with EGMC Chapter 1.11. [Ord. 12-2009 §2, eff. 7-10-2009]