Chapter 16.06


16.06.100    Intent.

16.06.105    Application of provisions.

16.06.110    Safety assessment defined.

16.06.115    Placards.

16.06.120    Placard contents.

16.06.125    Removal prohibited.

16.06.100 Intent.

This chapter establishes standard placards to be used to indicate the condition of a building and/or structure for continued occupancy. This chapter further authorizes the Building Official and his or her authorized representatives to post the appropriate placard at each entry point to a building and/or structure upon completion of a safety assessment. [Ord. 22-2011 §2, eff. 9-23-2011]

16.06.105 Application of provisions.

The provisions of this chapter are applicable to all buildings of all occupancies regulated by the City. [Ord. 22-2011 §2, eff. 9-23-2011]

16.06.110 Safety assessment defined.

“Safety assessment” means a visual, nondestructive examination of a building and/or structure for the purpose of determining the condition for continued occupancy. [Ord. 22-2011 §2, eff. 9-23-2011]

16.06.115 Placards.

Official jurisdiction placards use three (3) categories to designate the condition for continued occupancy of buildings and/or structures as follows:

A. Inspected – Lawful Occupancy Permitted. This category description is to be posted on any building and/or structure wherein no apparent structural hazard has been found. This placard is not intended to mean that there is no damage to the building and/or structure.

B. Restricted Use. This category description is to be posted on each building and/or structure that has been damaged wherein the damage has resulted in some form of restriction to the continued occupancy. The individual who posts this placard shall note the type of damage encountered and shall note the restrictions on continued occupancy.

C. Unsafe – Do Not Enter or Occupy. This category description is to be posted on each building and/or structure that has been damaged such that continued occupancy poses a threat to life safety. Buildings and/or structures posted with this placard shall not be entered under any circumstance except as authorized in writing by the Building Official, or his or her authorized representative. Safety assessment teams shall be authorized to enter these buildings and/or structures at any time. This placard is not to be used or considered as a demolition order. The individual who posts this placard shall note the type of damage encountered. [Ord. 22-2011 §2, eff. 9-23-2011]

16.06.120 Placard contents.

Placards referenced in this chapter should include all of the following information:

A. Name of the jurisdiction.

B. Address and phone number of jurisdiction.

C. The category designated in EGMC Section 16.06.115 that the building’s and/or structure’s condition conforms to. This designation should be in bold face type.

D. For “inspected” placards the language “Lawful Occupancy Permitted.”

E. For “restricted use” placards the language “Caution: This building and/or structure has been inspected and found to be damaged as described:” and “Entry, occupancy and lawful use are restricted as indicated:”

F. For “unsafe” placards the language “Do not enter or occupy (This placard is not a demolition order). This building and/or structure has been inspected, found to be seriously damaged and is unsafe to occupy, as described:” and “Do not enter, except as specifically authorized in writing by jurisdiction. Entry may result in injury or death.”

G. The address of the building and/or structure inspected.

H. The advisement “Caution: Aftershocks since inspection may increase damage and risk.”

I. The date and time of inspection.

J. The name, employing agency and, if applicable, the identification number of the inspector.

K. The advisement “Do not remove, alter or cover this placard until authorized by the Building Official (EGMC Section 16.06.125).” [Ord. 22-2011 §2, eff. 9-23-2011]

16.06.125 Removal prohibited.

Once a placard has been attached to a building and/or structure, a placard is not to be removed, altered or covered until done so by an authorized representative of the Building Official. It shall be a misdemeanor enforced pursuant to EGMC Chapter 1.08 for any person or entity to alter, remove, cover or deface a placard unless authorized pursuant to this chapter. [Ord. 22-2011 §2, eff. 9-23-2011]