Chapter 23.63


23.63.010    Purpose.

23.63.020    Development standards.

23.63.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish uniform regulations for the undergrounding of all utilities. [Ord. 26-2006 §3, eff. 8-11-2006]

23.63.020 Development standards.

Unless it is determined by the Development Services Director to be impractical due to existing development or natural features, all utilities (including but not limited to electricity, telephone, cable television, etc.) shall be placed underground for all projects. The Development Services Director may request a recommendation from the appropriate utility company if this requirement is protested by the project proponent. [Ord. 24-2015 §11 (Exh. I), eff. 2-12-2016; Ord. 26-2006 §3, eff. 8-11-2006]