Chapter 23.78


23.78.010    Purpose and applicability.

23.78.020    Permit requirements.

23.78.030    Development standards.

23.78.010 Purpose and applicability.

The purpose of this chapter is to regulate drive-in/drive-through facilities with development standards to ensure that the design and operation of such uses effectively mitigate associated problems with traffic, congestion, excessive pavement, litter, and noise. [Ord. 23-2014 §3 (Exh. A), eff. 10-10-2014; Ord. 26-2006 §3, eff. 8-11-2006]

23.78.020 Permit requirements.

Drive-in/drive-through facilities are permitted or conditionally permitted in designated zoning districts as described in Division III, Zoning Districts, Allowable Uses, and Development Standards, of this title. [Ord. 23-2014 §3 (Exh. A), eff. 10-10-2014; Ord. 27-2013 §14, eff. 2-7-2014; Ord. 26-2006 §3, eff. 8-11-2006]

23.78.030 Development standards.

The development standards in this section are intended to supplement the standards in the underlying zoning district for drive-in and drive-through uses. In the event of conflict between these standards and the underlying zoning district standards, the provisions of this section shall apply.

A. Drive-Through Aisles. The minimum standards for drive-through aisles are as follows:

1. Drive-through aisles shall have a minimum ten (10' 0") foot interior radius at curves and a minimum twelve (12' 0") foot width.

2. Drive-up windows and remote tellers shall provide at least one hundred eighty (180' 0") feet of stacking space for each facility, as measured from the service window or unit to the entry point into the drive-up lane. Nonfood and/or nonbeverage businesses may reduce the stacking space to a minimum of sixty (60' 0") feet.

3. Each drive-through entrance/exit shall be at least fifty (50' 0") feet from an intersection of public rights-of-way, measured at the closest intersecting curbs, and at least twenty-five (25' 0") feet from the curb-cut on an adjacent property. Exceptions may be granted by the designated approving authority when drive-though pull-out spaces are provided.

4. Each entrance to an aisle and the direction of traffic flow shall be clearly designated by signs and pavement markings.

5. Each drive-through aisle shall be separated from the circulation routes necessary for ingress or egress from the property, or access to a parking space.

6. See EGMC Section 23.42.060 (Rural commercial combining zone) for additional development standards for projects within the rural commercial combining zone.

B. Landscaping of the Drive-Through Aisle. Landscaping shall be provided as described below:

1. A five (5' 0") foot-wide planter between the drive-through aisle and the parking area that includes shade trees consistent with those used in the parking area (see EGMC Chapter 23.54, Landscaping).

2. A minimum three (3' 0") foot-tall, maximum four (4' 0") foot-tall planter with low shrubs that screens the drive-through aisles from the abutting public right-of-way shall be used to minimize the visual impact of readerboard signs and directional signs. At no time shall this landscape barrier be pruned in a manner that allows the vehicle headlights from the drive-through lane to be visible from abutting street rights-of-way. Plantings should also be designed to discourage potential safety issues (e.g., persons lying in wait) (see Figure 23.78-1).

C. Pedestrian Access and Crossings. Pedestrian access shall be provided from each abutting street to the primary entrance with a continuous four (4' 0") foot-wide sidewalk or delineated walkway. Pedestrian walkways should not intersect the drive-through drive aisles, but where they do the walkways shall have clear visibility and shall be delineated by textured and colored paving (see Figure 23.78-1).

Figure 23.78-1

Drive-Through Site Design

D. Hours of Operation. When located on a site within one hundred (100' 0") feet of any residential property (measured from the nearest property lines), hours of operation for the drive-up/drive-through service shall be limited from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. If the use is located greater than one hundred (100' 0") feet from a residential use, then there are no restrictions on the hours of operation. The designated approving authority may grant exceptions through a conditional use permit after preparation of a qualified noise study.

E. Signs. Signs shall be permitted in accordance with the provisions of EGMC Chapter 23.62, Signs on Private Property. Double drive-through aisles shall be restricted to two (2) menu/order board signs.

F. Parking. The provision of drive-through service facilities shall not justify a reduction in the number of required off-street parking spaces for the accompanying use.

G. Noise. Any drive-up or drive-through speaker system shall emit no more than fifty (50) decibels and at no time shall any speaker system be audible above daytime ambient noise levels beyond the property lines of the site. The system shall be designed to compensate for ambient noise levels in the immediate area. [Ord. 24-2015 §11 (Exh. I), eff. 2-12-2016; Ord. 23-2014 §3 (Exh. A), eff. 10-10-2014; Ord. 16-2009 §3, eff. 9-25-2009; Ord. 26-2006 §3, eff. 8-11-2006]