3-8.01    Surplus Property: Definition

3-8.02    Disposal of Surplus Property

3-8.01 Surplus Property: Definition.

Surplus property shall mean personal property owned by the City that the City Manager determines has value but for which the City has no current or prospective use. Surplus property does not include vessels acquired by the City at a lien sale.

(Sec. 2 (part), Ord. 96-010, eff. Nov. 14, 1996)

3-8.02 Disposal of Surplus Property.

The City Manager may dispose of surplus property in any manner which he/she determines and records in writing to be for the common good or for the benefit of the City. The City Manager shall, on an annual basis, report to the City Council the property declared as surplus, the manner in which it was disposed, and the name and address of the purchaser or recipient of such property.

(Sec. 2 (part), Ord. 96-010, eff. Nov. 14, 1996)