Chapter 1    Abandoned Vehicles

Chapter 2    Advertising

Chapter 3    Air Pollution

Chapter 4    Cabarets And Dances

Chapter 5    Card Rooms

Chapter 6    Criminal Records: Security

Chapter 7    Fortunetelling

Chapter 8    Gas, Water and Electric Meters

Chapter 9    Intoxication

Chapter 10    Repealed

Chapter 11    Massage Establishments

Chapter 12    Minors

Chapter 13    Noise

Chapter 14    Obstructions to Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 15    Patrol Services

Chapter 16    Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Jewelry Dealers and Auction Sales

Chapter 17    Alarm Systems

Chapter 18    Poolrooms

Chapter 19    Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 20    Weapons

Chapter 21    Bingo Games

Chapter 22    Cable Television Systems

Chapter 23    Community Events

Chapter 24    Parks

Chapter 25    Hotels, Motels and Lodging Houses

Chapter 26    Transportation Trip Reduction

Chapter 27    Sidewalk And Street Vendors

Chapter 28    Cannabis

Chapter 29    Smoking Pollution Control

Chapter 30    Regulation of Firearms Dealers

Chapter 31    Living Wage Ordinance

Chapter 32    Workplace Justice Standards At Large Hotels

Chapter 33    Newsracks

Chapter 34    Signs on Public Sidewalks

Chapter 35    Certified Farmers’ Markets

Chapter 36    Irrigation Water Waste Prohibition

Chapter 37    Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Leave, and Other Employment Standards

Chapter 38    Skateboard Facilities

Chapter 39    Fair Workweek Employment Standards

Chapter 40    Residential Landlord and Tenant Relations

Chapter 41    Right to Recall for Hotel and Card Room Employees