Chapter 1    Building Code

Chapter 2    Historical Building Code

Chapter 3    Existing Building Code

Chapter 4    Residential Code

Chapter 5    Mechanical Code

Chapter 6    Plumbing Code

Chapter 7    Electrical Code

Chapter 8    Green Building Standards Code

Chapter 9    Property Maintenance Code

Chapter 10    Energy Code

Chapter 11    Dangerous Buildings Code

Chapter 12    Building Official

Chapter 13    Fire Zones

Chapter 14    Sandblasting

Chapter 15    Signs Adjacent to Landscaped Freeways

Chapter 16    Board of Appeals

Chapter 17    Housing Advisory and Appeals Board

Chapter 18    Seismic Hazard Identification and Mitigation Program for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

Chapter 19    Regulations for the Conversion of Commercial/Industrial Buildings to Live/Work Occupancies

Chapter 20    Building Permit Fees for the Installation of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Chapter 21    Floodplain Management

Chapter 22    Safety Assessment Placards

Chapter 23    Small Residential Rooftop Solar Energy Systems

Chapter 24    Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting

Chapter 25    Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Chapter 26    Construction and Demolition Waste Requirements