Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Appointment.

2.20.020    Powers and duties.

2.20.010 Appointment.

The city council shall appoint a superintendent of streets, who shall hold office at the will of the council, subject to the provisions of other applicable ordinances of the city. (Ord. 108 § 1, 1983)

2.20.020 Powers and duties.

The superintendent of streets shall have superintendence of all street work. He shall have power and it shall be his duty to keep open all streets, alleys and gutters, and he shall cause all streets, alleys, gutters, sidewalks, and culverts within the city to be kept clear and free from all obstructions and filth. He shall report, on the first meeting of the city council in each month, or at any time if necessary, to the city council, the amount of all work done, and, as required by the council, report the extent of costs and expenses incurred thereabout, and shall perform such other duties as he may be directed by the city council, or by ordinance, to do. (Ord. 108 § 2, 1983)