Chapter 6.04


6.04.010    Definitions.

6.04.020    Enforcement.

6.04.030    Compliant procedure.

6.04.040    Interference with animal control officer.

6.04.010 Definitions.

As used in this section, the following words and terms shall have the following meaning:

“Animal” means any wild domestic animal, bird, poultry, or reptile.

“Animal control officer” means the code enforcement official as designated by resolution of the city council.

“Animal, vicious” means any animal which shows a propensity to attack, bite, scratch or harass people or other animals without provocation.

“Animal, wild” means any wild, dangerous, or venomous animal including snakes, reptiles, mammals, fowl or fish. Wild animals would also include vicious animals, including dogs and cats over which the owner has not maintained control.

“At large” means any animal off the premises of its owner and not under direct control of the owner or responsible person designated by the owner.

“Impoundment” means the picking up of any animal by a duly authorized person and bringing such animal into a shelter for custody, confinement and disposition.

“Kennel” means any lot, building, structure, enclosure, or premises where more than four dogs and/or cats over four months of age, or other animals, are kept or maintained for any purpose.

1. “Commercial kennel” means a kennel where animals are boarded and bred, and/or kept for sale or for hire. Commercial kennels shall require use permits and business license. Forms and fees may be set by resolution of the city council.

2. “Private kennel” means any other kennel, except that rodents, birds and reptiles that are kept only inside a residence shall not be counted. Private kennels shall require permits.

“Livestock” means and includes cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine and all other domesticated animals other than household pets.

“Owner” means any person having a title to any animal, or a person who has kept/harbored an animal for at least 15 consecutive days.

“Person” means and includes any firm, partnership, corporation, trust, association or person.

“Quarantine” means the impounding of an animal in a designate shelter by the animal control officer for a period prescribed by the Siskiyou County health department so that the animal does not come in contact with any other animal or human being during that period.

“Senior citizen” means a person 62 years of age or older.

“Unlicensed dog” means any dog for which the license fee for the current year has not been paid to which the dog license tag provided for in this title is not properly attached.

“Vaccination” means a protective inoculation against rabies with an anti-rabies vaccine recognized and approved by the Siskiyou County health department. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.04.020 Enforcement.

Violations of requirements of this title shall be infractions, with the same maximum fines as set forth by bail schedule. The bail schedule shall be established by resolution adopted and approved by the Etna city council. Before any fines are levied, a one-time warning will be issued in person and in writing to the violator, with 48 hours to correct the condition. If the violation is not corrected within that time frame, the bail fee schedule will be put into effect. The 48-hour grace period does not apply to EMC 6.05.020. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.04.030 Compliant procedure.

Any adult resident of the city may file an oral, telephone, or written complaint regarding violations of any section of this title with the animal control officer. The animal control officer will also issue citations based on his own observations of violations. Upon receipt of a complaint, the animal control officer shall without delay contact the owner/possessor of the animal and cite the owner/possessor as directed by this title. A record shall be kept of all complaint calls. Such record shall include the owner’s name, location, type of infraction, date, action taken and the amount of any fines levied. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.04.040 Interference with animal control officer.

Any interference with the animal control officer in performance of his duties shall be considered a misdemeanor and will be dealt with accordingly. (Ord. 192, 2006)