Chapter 6.06


6.06.010    License requirements – Enforcement of requirements – Penalty of violations.

6.06.020    License fee.

6.06.030    License – Issuance.

6.06.040    License tags – Records to be kept.

6.06.050    License – Issuance of duplicates.

6.06.060    Use of dog collars required.

6.06.070    Vaccination of dogs required.

6.06.080    Dogs four months old and under to be confined to the premises.

6.06.090    Maximum number of dogs.

6.06.100    Confinement of dogs during heat.

6.06.010 License requirements – Enforcement of requirements – Penalty of violations.

A. Every person owning/possessing any dog over four months old shall pay a license fee as provided in this chapter.

B. It is the duty of the city clerk to demand of every person who owns or possesses a dog within the city, the payment of such license, and upon the refusal of such person to pay the same or to produce the stub showing payment of such fee, the animal control officer shall at once file a complaint. A failure to have the dog tag for the current year or stub showing the payment of the fee, shall be taken as evidence of the failure to pay such fee. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.020 License fee.

The license fee will be established by resolution adopted and approved by the city council. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.030 License – Issuance.

Dog licenses shall be issued in a manner similar to the issuance of business licenses. The money collected for such licenses shall be paid in the city treasury. The license shall be numbered by the city clerk, and an account kept as in the case of other licenses. Licenses are due annually by the first of July. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.040 License tags – Records to be kept.

Metallic plates or tags shall be issued upon purchase of license pursuant to EMC 6.06.030, having thereon the number of the license and figures indicating the year for which the dog license fee has been paid, and shall be registered at City Hall with the name of the owner/possessor and a description of the dog for which the license is issued. The tag shall be given to every person paying for such dog license. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.050 License – Issuance of duplicates.

Whenever a dog license tag, issued for the current year, has been stolen or lost, the owner/possessor of the dog for which the license had been issued may, on payment of $2.00, receive from the city clerk a duplicate tag for the remaining portion of the then current year. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.060 Use of dog collars required.

Every licensed dog shall be provided by the owner/possessor of such dog a collar of a reasonable width, having attached to such collar a metallic plate or tag, with such inscriptions thereon as are specified in this chapter. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.070 Vaccination of dogs required.

A. Each person owning a dog over the age of four months shall provide proof of current rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian.

B. A valid rabies vaccination certificate, with a minimum six-month validity remaining, shall be presented to the city clerk upon application for an annual dog license. A valid rabies vaccination certificate shall be a requisite for the issuance of a dog license.

C. The dog vaccination tag issued by the veterinarian to the owner of the dog shall be securely attached to a collar which shall be permanently worn by the dog for which such tag was issued. The dog owner shall retain the vaccination certificate issued by the veterinarian as a permanent record for the length of time that the vaccination is in force. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.080 Dogs four months old and under to be confined to the premises.

All dogs four months of age and under shall be strictly confined to the premises of, or kept under physical restraint by, the owner/possessor. Nothing in this section shall prevent the sale or transportation of puppies four months old or younger. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.090 Maximum number of dogs.

No person, dwelling, or other structure shall keep or maintain more than three dogs which are over the age of four months. Violations of this section will be cited and any dogs more than three shall be removed from the premises. (Ord. 192, 2006)

6.06.100 Confinement of dogs during heat.

Any person owning and/or possessing a female unsprayed dog in heat shall securely confine the dog within an enclosure, unless the dog is under the immediate physical restraint of its owner/possessor to prevent unplanned access by male dogs or attraction of male dogs in the vicinity. (Ord. 192, 2006)