Chapter 10.28


10.28.010    Signs – Erection authorized – Where.

10.28.020    Signs – Stop required.

10.28.030    Emerging from alley, private drive.

10.28.010 Signs – Erection authorized – Where.

Whenever any ordinance or resolution of this city designates and describes any street or portion thereof as a through street, or any intersection at which vehicles are required to stop at one or more entrances thereto, or any railroad grade crossing at which vehicles are required to stop, the chief of police shall erect and maintain stop signs as follows:

A stop sign shall be erected on each and every street, lane or alley intersecting such through street or portion thereof so designated and at those entrances of other intersections where a stop is required and at any railroad grade crossing so designated. Every such sign shall conform with and shall be placed as provided in the Vehicle Code of the state. (Ord. 158 § 1, 1984)

10.28.020 Signs – Stop required.

When stop signs are thus erected at the entrance to any intersection every driver of a vehicle shall stop as required by the Vehicle Code of the state. (Ord. 158 § 1, 1984)

10.28.030 Emerging from alley, private drive.

The driver of a vehicle emerging from an alley, driveway or building shall stop such vehicle immediately prior to driving onto a sidewalk or into the sidewalk area extending across any alley way. (Ord. 158 § 1, 1984)