Chapter 10.36


10.36.010    Loading zones – Establishment.

10.36.020    Loading zones – Application to commercial vehicles.

10.36.030    Bus zones – Establishment.

10.36.010 Loading zones – Establishment.

A. When authorized by resolution of the city council, the chief of police shall mark loading zones and passenger loading zones as follows:

1. At any place in the central traffic district or in any business district;

2. Elsewhere in front of the entrance to any place of business or in front of any hall or place used for the purpose of public assembly.

B. In no event shall more than one half of the total curb length in any block be reserved for loading zone purposes.

C. Loading zones shall be indicated by a yellow paint line stencilled with black letters “LOADING ONLY,” upon the top of all curbs within such zones.

D. Passenger loading zones shall be indicated by a white line stencilled with black letters “PASSENGER LOADING ONLY,” upon the top of all curbs in said zones. (Ord. 158 § 1, 1984)

10.36.020 Loading zones – Application to commercial vehicles.

Permission granted in this chapter to stop or stand a vehicle for purposes of loading or unloading of materials shall apply only to commercial vehicles and shall not extend beyond the time necessary therefor, and in no event for more than 20 minutes. (Ord. 158 § 1, 1984)

10.36.030 Bus zones – Establishment.

A. The chief of police is authorized, pursuant to resolution of the city council, to establish bus zones opposite curb space for the loading or unloading of buses or common carriers of passengers and to determine the location thereof, subject to the directives and limitations set forth in this section.

B. “Bus,” as used in this section, means any motor bus, motor coach, or passenger stage used as a common carrier of passengers.

C. No bus zone shall exceed 80 feet in length, except that when satisfactory evidence has been presented to the chief of police showing necessity therefor, the chief of police may extend bus zones not to exceed a total length of 125 feet.

D. The chief of police shall cause to be painted a red line stencilled with white letters “NO STANDING,” together with the words “BUS ZONE,” upon the top or side of all curbs and places specified as a bus zone.

E. No person shall stop, stand or park any vehicle except a bus in a bus zone. (Ord. 158 § 1, 1984)