Chapter 16.36


16.36.010    Waiver of parcel map – Conditions to be met.

16.36.020    Filing of tentative map.

16.36.030    Hearing by city council.

16.36.040    Recording of survey.

16.36.050    Certificate of compliance with waiver procedure.

16.36.010 Waiver of parcel map – Conditions to be met.

Except as required by the Subdivision Map Act set forth in Title 7 of the Government Code of the state, commencing with Government Code Section 66410, no parcel map need be filed or recorded for a proposed division of land into four or less parcels whenever the city council finds the proposed division of land meets the following requirements:

A. Area. Each parcel shall have an area not less than 7,200 square feet and in no event less than the requirements of the applicable city zoning requirements relating to the property.

B. Improvement and Design. Improvement and design shall be in accordance with the requirements set forth in the city development manual.

C. Flood Drainage Control. Flood drainage control requirements shall be in accordance with the city land development manual.

D. Access. Deeded access shall be provided to the properties, or satisfactory evidence of prescriptive access provided.

E. Sanitary Disposal Facilities. Sanitary disposal facilities shall be provided in accordance with the applicable State of California Water Quality Control Guidelines and city ordinances relating thereto.

F. Environmental Protection. The subdivider shall comply with all requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act and the requirements of the city implementing said guidelines.

G. Water Availability. The subdivider shall submit evidence of water supply availability to each parcel. (Ord. 76 § 1, 1976)

16.36.020 Filing of tentative map.

The proposed subdivider shall file a tentative map which shall be prepared in accordance with the information sheet furnished by the city, together with such other drawings and information on any of the subjects enumerated in EMC 16.36.010 as may be required by the city. Dedications or offers of dedication, if given, shall be by deed. (Ord. 76 § 2, 1976)

16.36.030 Hearing by city council.

The city council shall examine the subdivider’s submission for completeness and conformance with this chapter and Title 7 of the Government Code of the state. The subdivider shall be provided with notice of the hearing of the application by the city council and shall be provided the opportunity to be present and heard on any and all matters under discussion relating to the application. (Ord. 76 § 3, 1976)

16.36.040 Recording of survey.

If the land division complies with the requirements of EMC 16.36.010 and a parcel map is waived by the city council, a survey of the land division may nevertheless be recorded if approved by the city engineer as to compliance with generally accepted land surveying procedures and requirements and the clerk of the city shall certify on the map that a waiver of filing parcel map has been approved by the city in accordance with Title 7 of the Government Code. (Ord. 76 § 4, 1976)

16.36.050 Certificate of compliance with waiver procedure.

A certificate evidencing compliance with the waiver procedure of this chapter shall be recorded by the clerk of the city, setting forth that the division of land complies with Title 7 of the Government Code of the state, together with the name of the record owner of the property, together with a legal description of each of the parcels thereof. (Ord. 76 § 5, 1976)