Chapter 17.24


17.24.010    Purpose.

17.24.020    General plan consistency.

17.24.030    Density/intensity.

17.24.040    Site development standards.

17.24.050    Permitted uses.

17.24.060    Accessory uses.

17.24.070    Conditional uses.

17.24.010 Purpose.

This district is primarily for industries, manufacturers, trades, storage, warehouses, lumberyards, and other uses excluded from the commercial district; provided, that such uses are not detrimental to the public health, safety, and general welfare of adjacent districts by reason of odor, smoke, gas, dust, vibration, or noise, or are not deemed to be exceptional fire of explosion hazards. This district is also provides flexibility to allow certain types of professional office and heavy commercial land uses. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.24.020 General plan consistency.

This zone district is consistent with the employment center land use designation. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.24.030 Density/intensity.

A. One dwelling unit per acre to provide for caretaker residence.

B. Minimum parcel size: 10,000 square feet.

C. Maximum lot coverage: 75 percent. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.24.040 Site development standards.

A. Setbacks.

1. Front: None.

2. Rear.

a. Adjacent commercial or industrial: None.

b. Adjacent residential: 10 feet.

3. Side.

a. Adjacent commercial or industrial: None.

b. Adjacent residential: 10 feet.

B. Building.

1. Height: 50 feet.

2. Distance between buildings: As required by California Building Code.

C. Lot Dimensions (Minimum).

1. Width.

a. New parcels: 90 feet.

b. Existing parcels: None.

2. Depth.

a. New parcels: 90 feet.

b. Existing parcels: None.

D. Parking.

1. Commercial uses: One parking space for each 200 square feet of floor area.

2. Industrial: One parking space for each 1,000 square feet of floor area.

3. Each required parking space shall have a minimum dimension of nine feet by 19 feet.

E. Signs. A single sign per each street frontage not exceeding 100 square feet in accordance with EMC 17.34.190. (Ord. 189 § R, 2003; Ord. 186, 2003)

17.24.050 Permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted in the M zone district subject to issuance of a building permit, business license or other required permit(s):

A. Retail business establishments within a building, conducting sale of the following: sheet metal, paint, automotive and truck supplies, engines, electrical components, plumbing supplies, building materials, lumber, tires, warehousing, mini storage, etc.

B. Retail businesses that involve the manufacturing of some or all of the products sold on-site including bakeries, outdoor equipment, etc.

C. Personal service establishments including: pet hospitals with overnight boarding, professional offices, processing centers, printing and photography companies, public and private training facilities.

D. Retail businesses that require outside storage and sales including: mobile home sales and manufacture, heavy equipment sales and service, prefabricated building manufacturing and sales.

E. Construction supply, lumberyards, building materials supply including bulk nursery supplies.

F. One residential dwelling unit per acre for a caretaker residence.

G. Wholesale distributors, food and herb packaging and processing. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.24.060 Accessory uses.

The following uses are permitted in the M zone district as an accessory to the primary permitted or conditionally permitted use:

A. Garage or carport.

B. Fences, walls.

C. Usual and customary structures associated with a commercial use. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.24.070 Conditional uses.

The following uses are permitted in the M zone district upon approval and validation of a conditional use permit, in addition to any other permits or licenses required for the use. Setbacks and development criteria may be amended during the conditional use permit.

A. Buildings and structures taller than specified in EMC 17.24.040(B).

B. Cement or asphalt batch plants.

C. Breweries, creameries, water bottling plants, wineries.

D. Modified or joint use parking standards.

E. Other industrial uses not listed. (Ord. 186, 2003)