Chapter 17.26


17.26.010    Purpose.

17.26.020    General plan consistency.

17.26.030    Density/intensity.

17.26.040    Site development standards.

17.26.050    Permitted uses.

17.26.060    Accessory uses.

17.26.070    Conditional uses.

17.26.010 Purpose.

The O zone is intended to allow projects, activities and facilities deemed necessary for the maintenance of the public health, safety and welfare, plus such other public purposes consistent with the general plan, including nonpublic activities permitted by governmental agencies. Public facilities include any activity undertaken or structures held, used or controlled for public or quasi-public purposes. Such determination shall be made without reference to the ownership of the structure or the realty upon which it is situated. Public facilities do not include telecommunications facilities. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.26.020 General plan consistency.

This zone district is consistent with the public land and parks land use designation. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.26.030 Density/intensity.

A. One single-family unit per parcel for use as a parsonage, vicarage or caretaker dwelling.

1. Minimum parcel size: None.

B. Maximum lot coverage: 100 percent (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.26.040 Site development standards.

A. Setbacks.

1. Front (when adjacent to):

a. Commercial uses: None.

b. Residential uses: 10 feet.

2. Rear (when adjacent to):

a. Commercial uses: None.

b. Residential uses: 10 feet.

3. Side (when adjacent to):

a. Commercial uses: None.

b. Residential uses: 15 feet plus one foot for every two feet by which the structure exceeds 28 feet.

B. Building.

1. Height: 70 feet.

2. Distance between buildings: As required by California Building Code.

C. Lot Dimensions.

1. Width.

a. New parcels: 50 feet.

b. Existing parcels: None.

2. Depth.

a. New parcels: 90 feet.

b. Existing parcels: None.

D. Parking. Parking shall be provided by comparing the proposed use with those uses permitted in other chapters of this title, and applying the parking standard of the use most similar to the proposed use. If this comparison cannot be readily made, the required parking shall be established by the city council. (Ord. 189 § S, 2003; Ord. 186, 2003)

17.26.050 Permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted in the O zone district subject to issuance of a building permit, business license or other required permit(s):

A. Parks, picnic areas and playgrounds, swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis and handball courts.

B. Churches, fraternal organizations or clubs, hospitals, schools, nursing homes.

C. Federal, state, county, or municipal offices or facilities.

D. Public and private schools including vocational schools, colleges and campuses.

E. Public parking lots and structures, public restrooms.

F. Community promotions, chamber of commerce and similar public service structures.

G. Public utilities, wells, storm drainage basins, power and phone substations. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.26.060 Accessory uses.

The following uses are permitted in the O zone district as an accessory to the primary permitted or conditionally permitted use:

A. Garage or carport.

B. Fences, walls. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.26.070 Conditional uses.

The following uses are permitted in the O zone district upon approval and validation of a conditional use permit, in addition to any other permits or licenses required for the use. Setbacks and development criteria may be amended during the conditional use permit.

A. Water and wastewater treatment facilities.

B. Telecommunication facilities.

C. Regional-serving commercial complexes such as softball, soccer, football and baseball tournament parks.

D. Golf courses, driving ranges.

E. Buildings and structures taller than specified in EMC 17.26.040(B). (Ord. 186, 2003)