Chapter 17.36


17.36.010    Conditional use permits.

17.36.020    Application.

17.36.030    Public hearing.

17.36.040    Action by the council.

17.36.050    Modification of site plan for which a use permit has been granted.

17.36.060    Revocation of permits.

17.36.070    Use permits within any historic district, landmark, or landmark site.

17.36.010 Conditional use permits.

A conditional use permit may be issued in the manner specified herein for any of the uses or purposes for which such conditional use permits are required by the terms of this title. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.36.020 Application.

A. Application for a conditional use permit shall be made to the city council in writing on a form prescribed by the city council, and shall be accompanied by plans and elevations necessary to show the detail of the proposed use of land or building. Such application shall be accompanied by a fee set by the city council.

B. The city shall have 30 days to determine if the application is complete and will give written notice of any additional information required to make the application complete. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.36.030 Public hearing.

A public hearing by the city council shall be held within 45 days after the filing of the application for the conditional use permit; provided, that compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act has been completed. Notice of the hearing shall be given in the manner set forth in EMC 17.32.010. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.36.040 Action by the council.

A. In order to grant any conditional use permit the findings of the city council shall be that the establishment, maintenance or operation of the use or building applied for will not, under the circumstances of the particular case, be materially detrimental to the health, safety, peace, morals, comfort and general welfare of persons residing or working in the neighborhood of such proposed use or be materially detrimental to property or improvements in the neighborhood or to the general welfare of the city. The city council may designate such conditions in connection with the conditional use permit as it deems necessary to secure the purposes of this title, and may require that such conditions will be complied with by the applicant.

B. The city council shall render its decision on any conditional use permit within 35 days following close of the public hearing. Failure of the council to render its decision within the period shall be deemed to be a denial of the application. The granting of any use permit, when conforming to the provisions of this subsection, is an administrative function, the authority and responsibility for performing which is imposed upon the city council and the action thereon by the council shall be final and conclusive. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.36.050 Modification of site plan for which a use permit has been granted.

Any use permit granted pursuant to this chapter shall be conducted only in accordance with the site plan submitted pursuant to EMC 17.34.070 and approved at the time of issuance of the use permit. In the event the holder of a use permit desires to modify said site plan, an application shall be filed for modification of the site plan for approval or disapproval of the city council, in accordance with the same procedure for the issuance of a use permit as provided in this chapter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, minor alterations of the site plan shall be granted by the city clerk or his/her authorized employee if he/she finds that such modification does not materially change the site plan or have the potential of adversely impacting adjacent property owners, and is otherwise in full compliance with all other provisions of this code or any other laws, rules or regulations relating thereto. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.36.060 Revocation of permits.

A. The city may move to revoke an approved use permit if not used within one year from the date of approval, or in the event the use permitted is abandoned or not utilized for a period of one year.

B. Any use permit granted in accordance with the terms of this title may be revoked if any of the conditions or terms of such permit are violated or if any law or ordinance is violated in connection therewith, or if the city council finds that the continuance of the use permit will endanger the public health, safety or welfare.

C. The city council shall hold a hearing on any proposed revocation after giving written notice to the permittee at least 10 days prior to the hearing. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.36.070 Use permits within any historic district, landmark, or landmark site.

Any application for a conditional use permit required or permitted pursuant to the terms of this title which relates to any real property located within a historic district, landmark, or landmark site established pursuant to this title shall first be reviewed and considered by the historic district and landmarks commission prior to consideration thereof by the city council. Any such application shall be reviewed by the historic district and landmarks commission at its next regular meeting and said commission shall immediately thereafter forward to the city council its report and recommendations in regard to said application, taking into consideration the effect of such application upon the historic district, landmark, or landmark site. In the event said commission does not act within the time pursuant to this section, the city council may proceed on the basis that the historic district and landmarks commission does not object to said application. (Ord. 186, 2003)