Chapter 18.24


18.24.010    Development by city council.

18.24.020    Adoption by resolution.

18.24.030    Effect of a categorical exemption.

18.24.010 Development by city council.

The city council shall develop a list of classes of projects which may be granted categorical exemptions in addition to those classes of projects exempted by the Environmental Quality Act of 1970. (Ord. 70 § 3.1, 1973)

18.24.020 Adoption by resolution.

The city clerk shall recommend to the city council those classes of projects which should be granted categorical exemptions. The granting or revocation of a categorical exemption for a class of projects shall be by resolution. (Ord. 70 § 3.2, 1973)

18.24.030 Effect of a categorical exemption.

Any project which is within a class of projects granted a categorical exemption and which does not have environmental characteristics significantly different from the other members of such class is deemed to be a project which will not have a significant effect on the environment. No environmental assessment or environmental impact report is required for such a project. (Ord. 70 § 3.3, 1973)